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 Storyline Notes: Prologue Arc

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PostSubject: Storyline Notes: Prologue Arc   Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:42 am

Tournament of Dragons
- held every three years
- each village (8 in total) sends a champion to the Great Temple of Dragons compete in a series of tests
- The Great Temple of Dragons is a neutral temple village that serves as a place of pilgrimage to a lot of Tyrael hoping to obtain a dragon spirit or Dragon Kotada hoping to better understand their dragons and their bond
- lasts about 9 days
- the victorious champion secures a Class A (on the S, A, B, C, D) dragon spirit for their village.
- unaligned spirits of the island generally come to the tournament to observe candidates for Merging

Underhanded Ambition
- one of the villages that often loses gets tired of losing and being the laughing stock of the island, so they contact the Brokers
- A Broker team meets with their envoy and agrees to give them the necessary power to win in exchange for a dragon spirit and getting to observe the tournament
- The brokers enhance the power of the village's champion and out of the five person cell, four of them travel to the island.

During the Tourney
- The brokers are viewed with much suspicion, but still treated kindly when they are found among the entourage of the village.
- Brokers begin capturing spirits during the tournament until they are caught by one of the island's chief mystics of the Great Temple
- The broker that got caught attacks the mystic and almost reaps him before two of the champions intervene to save the Mystic.
- The other brokers show up to back up their brethren and more of the locals show up to the extremely tense standoff.
- A demand is given from the Great Dragon Sage, the elder and voice of authority within the Great Dragon Temple, that the brokers were to be banished from the island
- Knowing that the power they gained could be stripped away by the brokers, the village refuses to send them away without some sort of investigation
- The champions who intervened protest and the Sage silences them and walks over to the broker who is accused of attacking the mystic and takes in a deep breath.
- The Sage raises his hand to the cloak of the broker and glass can be heard shattering as several spirits are released
- The village still backs the Brokers and are expelled from the tournament for a Tyrael generation

The Civil War
- The Brokers and the now shunned village leave and the Tournament resumes after a day
- During the second to last challenge, the Brokers and the shunned village's warriors attack one of the villages
- The tournament is halted and the champions and entourage return to their respective villages
- The island finds itself at odds with each other as two other villages who have always been closely allied with the shunned village back to their ally
- Four villages band together to try and expel the Brokers and one village stands neutral. The Great Temple of Dragons also stands neutral as it always does
- Battles ensue all over the island
- The fifth member of the cell arrives on the island with reinforcements
- The alliance finds itself quickly falling into a disadvantage

The Massacre
- The alliance forces one of the Broker-backed villages to surrender bringing the forces to 2 villages for the Brokers and still 4 villages for the alliance
- The Brokers in turn show just how powerful and ruthless they are when they destroy the village of the protagonist's best friend and in doing so, kill the best friend's cousin who was very dear to the protagonist as an apprentice
- The Protagonist and his best friend were out at battle and she asked if she could attend the battle with them, but they refused because they wanted to protect her
- After word of the destruction and gruesome ways that many of the villagers were left displayed dealt terrifying blow to the morale of the alliance
- One of the villages was talking of surrendering to ensure that their people didn't die as well which would've left only the Protagonist's village and one other ally against an extremely powerful foe and while they were considered two of the strongest villages, even if they won, it would come at a hefty cost
- The Alliance is on the verge of collapsing and defeat

The Forbidden Temple
- On Isla Dragos, there are old temple ruins that everyone knows they should not venture to as it is the resting place of an extremely volatile dragon that is "contained" there by the other great dragon spirits of the island.
- After another crushing defeat in battle by the other village's forces, the Protagonist tells his best friend that they need to shift their focus solely to defense. "Dig in and wait for me to return."
- The best friend knew that something was wrong and got the Protagonist to tell him what he was planning and asked him first not to do it and when he realized there was no talking him down, he tells him that he'll travel with him
- The Protagonist tells him that he needs him to stay and help protect the village just in case his plan fails and the dragon kills him as she had done many others before him
- The Protagonist travels to the Temple and searches for a couple days looking for where the dragon might be
- On the third day, he found her, but she refused to help him and told him that he could not handle her power and she does not merge with Tyrael and that if he wants to live another day that he should leave now. He shows her that he is already a Kotada and she tries to dominate his mind in order to send him away but instead she finds that he is quite powerful in his own right, both in terms of will and raw power, but also in the strength of his mental prowess.
- For what feels like days upon days to him, they battle within a joint realm created by their minds. At a stalemate in their battle, she stops and looks at him, "What drives you to keep fighting?" He shows her Isla Dragos before the tournament and then he shows her the civil war and lastly, the massacre. His response is simple: he will fight her for as long as it takes in order to save THEIR people. He shows her the Brokers who are clearly outsiders and the powers that they possess. Their strength seems to intrigue her even more than the massacre. The Champion doesn't care why she chooses to help since the main reason is still unknown to him, but she agrees to help and dissolves their created world.
- She assumes a humanoid form and sits down to meditate. He urges her that they have spent too much time and must help the villages. That is when she informs him that the mind's concept of time and time itself are not one in the same. He discovers that only a single day has passed despite thinking that nearly 3 weeks had passed. He too joins her in meditation. Once they exit from their trance in which she "enhances" his powers and his bond with his dragon spirit by showing him how to commune with his dragon, they rise and she smiles as his eyes take on a more dragon-like visage.

The Hunt
- The dragon, Daniva, and the Champion return to the battlefield after being gone for five days. Their return brings great joy and they force the siege forces to retreat within an hour. The Champion finds that his appetite for battle had grown greatly with his new powers. His emotions themselves seemed to have heightened.
- Daniva and the Champion let the village forces attack basic encampments as they focused on the most vital camps... which were also where the Brokers and their reinforcements were located.
- Battle after battle, Daniva seemed to get stronger and stronger. As she encountered stronger brokers, she showcased more of her prowess and that of her champion.
- Daniva and the Champion did not simply bring an end to battles, they forced submission upon their enemies. Those who did not submit were crushed in devastating fashion. Quickly, it is becoming apparent why the elder dragons never dared to release her. She not only unleashes her own primal nature, but unleashes that of those tied to her... like the Champion.
- The crushing battles continue until the Brokers finally see that these battles are lost, so they try to escape with captured spirits.
- Daniva and the Champion catch them before they can escape and she showcases the same ability as the Great Dragon Sage, she releases all of the dragon-type spirits and kills several more Brokers until only three of the original cell remains and escapes with nothing. Even as they look around them after escaping to a passing ship, they could not see the island no matter how hard they looked, it would seem as if they teleported to a random location.

- Having to watch the Brokers escape onto a boat off in the distance, the Champion was not satisfied with having things the way they were.
- Daniva teaches him that his senses had been enhanced as well as his connection to his dragon grow ever stronger. With him, he began to enhance his best friend's connection with his Ice Drake spirit.
- The trials at the Great Temple of Dragons take place and the "upper nobility" leadership of the rebellious villages are all imprisoned or banished from the island. The Champion wanted a stronger punishment for the number of deaths they caused. He still had a taste for blood and revenge
- The Champion puts together a party of Kotada with varying skill sets including two healers and of course his best friend and Daniva
- The most vile of the prisoners are executed on their way to imprisonment and some are killed in prison. Those who are found to be scapegoats are either freed to hide in exile on the island or left to go to prison if they still committed crimes against their own people
- Those who were banished are hunted as well. Those who aren't caught at the docks or executed on the transport ships and even more when the party reaches the mainland.
- The port city they arrive in as vastly different to the island as it is more crowded and there are far more humans. On Isla Dragos, humans tend to be relatively rare, but are treated no differently from a Kotada with a weaker spirit or Tyrael
- The party encounters more of their banished enemies, but the Champion stops them from attacking one of them when he catches a familiar scent... the one that started it all. He sees him, but does not attack. Instead, he lets him leave the port city with the dragon party tracking him.
- The party follows him to a castle town where Daniva smiles in her humanoid form that she spent most of her time in. She asks the Champion if he can smell that and he takes in a deep breath and looks at the Ice Drake, his best friend, who looks at him with growing rage in his eyes. The Champion nods to him. They smelled the other Brokers who caused so much death and destruction on their homeland.
- The attack that follows is one of the most brutal and bloody displays ever seen inside or outside of war. No one was spared, except for the last two remaining warriors of a group that were inside fighting against the Brokers when the dragons attacked.
- One of the men dies of his wounds before the battle ends and the other is sustained by one of the healers.
- The 2nd healer and the others survey the carnage that they had just left in their wake and are horrified by the sight they were seeing from the skies. Being dragon and dragon-type spirits, all of them had discovered flight. But this was one moment that they wish they hadn't... all except for Daniva and the Champion, who seemed to be reveling in it.
- The Ice Drake was in between the two sides, he knew that the Brokers and their forces deserved it, but not all of the people here could have been bad and evil and so he knew that this had gone too far.
- Daniva smelt the Broker she had been looking for all along as he seemed to be the most powerful of the cell and he was flying with another one, the one that the Champion had been hunting. The scent of him was strong tho it reeked of fear by this point.
- The two prepare to hunt them down, but the party had had enough and the survivor needed stronger healing than they could provide since they were sure that he was suffering from a magical poison as well. They were returning to Isla Dragos. The Champion does not stop them and tells them that they have done enough, but that he is not finished until all of them are dead.
- One of the healers tells the Champion that he will not abandon him and the Champion tells him that he will be fine and that he should help keep that man alive. He also tells him that his hands and his powers are too pure to be tainted any further.
- Daniva and the Champion leave heading for the port city that they first arrived in. As the party departs for Isla Dragos, the Ice Drake is seen flying the opposite direction... after the Champion and Daniva. He could not leave his best friend to continue going too far into a bloodlust.

The Port City
- The second massacre where the collateral damage is more property based as the citizens are allowed to escape as long as they stay out of the way. The Brokers equally contribute to the damage and destruction as they go all out as well.
- The city's militia is deemed fair game when they interfere. The Ice Drake does his best to keep them away and try to help the citizens escape as the battle moves through the city and where it moves wanton destruction follows.
- After a couple of hours, the battle concludes with the Champion tapping into the darker nature of his dragon's powers as he performs a most brutal variation of a Reaping. He literally reaches into the torso of the Broker and rips out his spirit. Looking at the spirit he gripped in his clutches, he growled slowly at the spirit as he let the Broker fall to the ground, broken and dying.
- The Ice Drake returns to his side as he stares at the spirit. Daniva flies around in released dragon form looking for more Brokers not wanting to end her "fun"
- The Ice Drake talks the Champion down from killing the spirit or absorbing it and/or its powers by using an empathic plea that he knows the amount of pain that the Champion is feeling since he's always been stronger than the Ice Drake and the primary protector for both his own village and the Ice Drake's village that was destroyed, but he reminds him of the beliefs of their people, that evil done by a spirit within a Kotada is not the evil of the spirit, but the evil of the person and that we must only judge each of them on their own merits. He points to the Broker that is dying and tells him that he is paying for his crimes, but that the spirit should be allowed to enter the Great Cycle and atone for any of its pass transgressions.
- The Champion releases the spirit that speaks to him before entering the Great Cycle once again and asks for forgiveness for what her Kotada's deeds. She tells him that she will try to pick a more noble and benevolent Tyrael to bestow her gifts upon. She also warns that he will have to control his own urges as the Reaping the Champion just performed was ruthless and painful to both enemy and spirit.
- The Champion tells Daniva that they are returning to Isla Dragos, but she refuses.
- Daniva and the Champion start fighting each other in order to prove dominance
- Their battle finishes the destruction of the port city setting it ablaze in the process.
- The Ice Drake, trying to stop them, gets injured in the process when Daniva smacks him into and through a house.
- The battle ends when the Champion unleashes his full power and starts to transform into a dragon himself, but he is unable to complete the transformation and Daniva pins him on the ground in her dragon form.
- He looks into her eyes and speaks, "Enough. We lost much, but we are taking so much more. Our enemy is dead. Victory is ours."
- Daniva growls at him before looking at him and exhales deeply releasing magic in her breath that heals his injuries. She shifts into her humanoid form and the Champion... claims his prize.

And Here We Are
- The next morning, the Ice Drake wakes up to find an army sweeping through the remains of the port city.
- He finds the Champion and Daniva still together and full of vigor in more ways than one
- Forced to interrupt them, he focuses his thoughts so that his best friend could pick up on the looming danger
- It works as the Champion stops their union and shares the alarm with her telepathically
- Linking their minds together, they use their powers to finish up first before they get dressed in clothes Daniva created from raw energy
- Joining up with the Ice Drake, the Champion and Daniva prepared to deal to fight, but the Ice Drake tells them that there are too many of them for a direct assault. He advises that they should fall back and return home now that their enemy has been defeated
- They agree and try to escape, but the army has moved too far throughout the wreckage and have started taking to the skies
- The Ice Drake tells them that they will have to punch a hole through the air to escape. He asks them to wound/subdue them without killing them
- Once everyone is ready, all three of them agree and take to the skies
- The troops give chase and they battle against them all the while trying to escape, so none of the conflicts last long
- The Maiden appears out of nowhere and catches the Ice Drake off-guard to capture him before shimmering out of sight.
- She tries to teleport and appear next to Daniva but her attack misses on its own moving around her and the Champion use his powers of telekinesis to grab hold of the Maiden and flings her to the ground with an enormous amount of pressure that prevents her from using her shimmering ability to escape impact
- Unable to find the Ice Drake or to effectively battle against an entire army with just the two of them, Daniva releases a psionic attack that leaves the surrounding enemies stunned as she and the Champion escape to Isla Dragos
- Once they arrive, the Champion telepathically interrogates the "patient" in order to get answers since his uniform has significant similarities to the Maiden and the forces they clashed with
- The Champion constantly tries to make contact with his best friend to no success until finally after a week or so, he makes contact with him being interrogated...

"I Will Strike First and I Will Strike Last. Order calls for your neutralization."
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PostSubject: Re: Storyline Notes: Prologue Arc   Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:57 am

Eight Villages of Isla Dragos during The Civil War

Champion's Alliance
Topaz (Champion: Kavos - Psi Dragon)
Emerald (Champion: Pelion - Spiked Felldrake)
Garnet (Champion: Yunes - Song Dragon) - nearly surrendered
Tanzanite (Champion: Sagon - Ice Drake) - destroyed during Civil War

Peridot (Champion: Balger - Wyvern)
Sapphire (Champion: Vorux - Fang Dragon)
Aquamarine (Champion: Roland - White Dragon) - surrenders

Pearl (Neutral) - primary healer village; even during the Civil War, they treated the gravely wounded of each side

Great Temple of Dragons = Ruby Temple
Forbidden Temple Ruins becomes Diamond Citadel

"I Will Strike First and I Will Strike Last. Order calls for your neutralization."
Kautuka - Mystic Hybrid | The Art of War
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Storyline Notes: Prologue Arc
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