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 Academy Notes

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Purpose of the Academy
The students of the Academy are often the nobility of Talodari Society, who all have to go to the Academy for training when their powers awaken. The primary purpose is to forge bonds between the clans during adolescence and force the nobility to spend time in other regions as well as protect other regions. The Society is very inclusive and at war with the Advan, so the youth need to learn just how real the threat of the Advan is and that Clan squabbles should never risk the safety of the Society as a whole.

The Academy also gives the Kotada a more well-rounded view of training and life experiences. The only reason Main family heirs and 2nd sons do not attend is due to safety concerns. Also, they are typically kept "pure" in order to hold to the strictest of ideals for their Clan.

Structure of the Training Regimen
Most of the youth undergo their primary education in their home regions until their powers awaken. Once their powers begin to manifest, the youth are sent to the Academy to begin their children. It's like boarding school.

Neophyte - New trainee that is still learning the basics of their powers and how to manifest them
Initiate - Having passed the Initiation Trials, these trainees have shown basic competency with their powers and martial arts training
Class System - Once you pass the Class Entrance Trials, the students are placed into classes based on their aptitude
- Classes are ranked: D, C. B, A, S
- S Rank is extremely rare and you have to accomplish a special set of trials to be placed in that class as most of the training is done on a one-on-one basis
- Your class rank determines what missions you are able to go on and it determines your living arrangements, not your nobility status

Average Starting Ages
Royalty: 9
Upper Nobility: 11
Mid Nobility: 12
Lower Nobility: 13-14

Academy External Antagonist
Advan - a secret organization of Power Brokers that are constantly at odds against the Sentinel Corps. The acolytes of the Sentinel Academy are constantly accompanying their instructors on missions to stop the Advan from stealing powers and spirits as well as stopping them from peddling their stolen wares.

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Academy Notes
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