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 Operational Mastery II (closed)

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PostSubject: Operational Mastery II (closed)   Sat May 19, 2012 8:24 am

He’d done this a few times…delved deep back into the madness, driven himself there ust to grab a few shoddy bits of information buried…buried deep below that sea. Each time he went in it got harder and harder to break through to the surface. A long time ago someone had helped him to put it all into a neat little box. Put all his worms inn one can and seal tight the lid. Though they were squirming. Always squirming. That place, the library. It had been part of the box, the part of the box that hid his potiental. Once the madness had been put inside the box, that’s when you could start to learn to control it. Whilst the madness itself was like….a nuclear reactor…filled with power. At its core you could do nothing but be obliterated…your mind gone…slave to every little thing that it represented.

Inside the box…you could harness it. Control it. Keep it under wraps. But when the dawn had cam that box, that can of worms had been opened. Something had took his filter away and each night it was getting harder and harder to hold back the encroaching darkness. Dreams came and went, dreams of him waking up at night in a pool of blood, sometimes his own, sometimes it was someone elses. He’d be laughing and crying at the same time not knowing which was the true emotion and which was just the madness whispering in his ears.

But he needed that power. And he needed back his box.
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Operational Mastery II (closed)
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