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 Building for a better tomorrow.

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PostSubject: Building for a better tomorrow.   Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:34 pm

Shifting his gaze over the area where the quarry had been built, Yuki gives a faint nod, " This area will do. " He murmurs lightly to himself before he turns his attention to the group of gathered workers, " Today we will be building a mine to increase the amount of stone we harvest. " Yuki says to the workers before he lays out some simple plans for the mine. The workers look over the simple plans Yuki had for the mine. As the workers took a moment Yuki takes some time to find what he figures would be a good spot for the mine to be before he gives the signal for the workers to begin work. With the signal from Yuki the group of workers begin to get to work, taking the shovels and picks before they begin to dig into the earth to create the mine. As the group of workers begin to start construction on the mine, Yuki watches them, hanging back as he watches the workers begin to work on the mind. While the workers dig in the earth Yuki watches them, his gaze slowly shifting across the group while they dig. After watching his workers for a mometn Yuki turns his attention back to the plans he had drawn up. Looking at his plans, Yuki wasn't sure just how far the mine should go into the ground before they stop and begin to search for stone and other things in the ground. After taking a moment to look over the plans Yuki puts them away before he pulls of his coat and tosses it to the ground. Taking the time to help the workers Yuki joins in on the mine construction. Joining the workers, Yuki takes the forefront of the mine construction and begins to dig down into the earth. Once he had taken the forefront on the mine digging Yuki puts all his capabilities behind his actions as he works to dig deeper and deeper with each passing moment. Yuki continues to dig deeper into the earth for a little while longer before he finally stops, figuring he had dug deep enough for the time being. Turning around he makes his way back out of the mine and lets the workers get back to work with the mine so it will start producing stone for buildings and trade. With the completion of the mine Yuki takes a moment to inspect it before sending the workers to take care of other tasks and hands the mine over to the miners.

EXP: 445

Quarry / Mine Shaft II
Type: Landscaping
Requirement: 5000 sq ft
Bonus: +75% to Ore Related Worker item generation

Cost: 167 BP w/o Yuki mod. 85 With Yuki's discount.

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Building for a better tomorrow.
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