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 Origin: Huntare

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The story of the young dragon starts on the uncharted island far off the coast of Yujia known as Isla Dragos, a haven where humans, Talodari, dragons, and dragon-type spirits all live in great harmony. Huntare was not born of Kotada parents. His father began as a Kotada on the island, but a betrayal by one of the village champions led to a bloody civil war on the island. The Advan caused the civil war that resulted in the loss of so many peaceful people and spirits. It was during this civil war that his father, desperate to keep his people from being enslaved, sought out his mother, Daniva, for her help. His mother is an actual dragon that was exiled on the island because of her bloodlust and volatile temperament. When the situation turned bleakest, his father threw caution to the wind and secured her aid. Using her vast capacity, she infused her own power into her source of freedom, Kavos. With the new increase of power, Kavos finally had the power to defeat the Advan, but an infusion of her power also enhanced his own bloodlust. When they returned to the battlefields, Daniva took great joy in watching her new pupil lay waste to his enemies. While the Isla Dragos Champion tried to spare as many of his former brethren as possible, he held no such reserve for the Advan.

Having turned the tide of the war, Kavos and Daniva are accompanied on a hunt by Kavos' closest allies. The Hunt tracks and slaughters the leaders of the traitors as well as any Advan that they can find. Realizing they aren't safe, the remaining opposition Leader and Advan flee to a mainland port stronghold in Yujia. Not satisfied with leaving them alive, the Hunt follows them. Kavos' best friend began to realize that Kavos was becoming more dragon than Kotada. After their initial encounter with the Advan at one of their strongholds, even Daniva realized that her pupil was slipping out of control. During the attack on the Advan stronghold, Kavos saves a Yujia soldier from being killed and reaped. In doing so, however, the last three Advan escape. Kavos sends all of the hunting party back to Isla Dragos with the wounded soldier who needed proper healing to counter the poison he had been afflicted with. Daniva reveled in this sort of hunt, so she remains behind and worried about losing his best friend to the wild dragon's thrall, the Ice Drake, Sagon, stays with him as well. The Port City that the Advan thought they would be able to seek refuge in was destroyed in the battle that ensued. By the end of the night, Kavos' bloodlust has been satiated. Kavos and Daniva consummated their bond that night. By the morning, the Port City was filling up with Yujia troops. Unsure of whether they were Advan reinforcements, Daniva advises them to fall back to Isla Dragos. Kavos telepathically calls for Sagon whom he can't find. Sagon had actually been captured as they were leaving.

His capture would prove quite fortuitous as the one in charge of the investigation into the carnage that remained in what was left of the Port City and the suspected Advan stronghold was actually the sister of the wounded soldier being treated on Isla Dragos. Kavos uses his telepathic powers to "teleconference" with the Maiden who eventually is brought alone with Sagon to Isla Dragos. When they arrive back on Isla Dragos, Kavos learned firsthand what Daniva had known for ages. Even after saving them from destruction and enslavement, the villages exiled Kavos to the Diamond Temple, the abandoned lair that served as Daniva's home. He was no longer allowed to live within his own home village as they felt the wild dragon's "influence" on him would spread to the others who had grown to idolized Kavos. The elders knew the dangers from generations far before them. The awakening and unleashing of such a destructive power and primal nature could lead to dire consequences for the island and its inhabitants. He would not be forgotten, however. His story, as told to the youth and future generations, would be one of sacrifice. Kavos would be known as the hero that sacrificed himself and his place amongst his people to save them, even if it meant that he would be condemned to exile. Of course, he had no idea that he would be betrayed in such a way when he did it, but it makes for a good story.

The "outsiders" were moved to the Diamond Temple as well. Sagon and the rest of the Hunt chose to live with them at the Diamond Temple as well. This allowed them to maintain trade with the villages for things that the land around the Diamond Temple could not provide. Over the course of a few months, members of Kavos' personal forces during the war moved to the Diamond Temple as well. Together, they built their own community. Kavos and Daniva led them and trained them and provided for their new temple village. The Maiden and her brother were fully accepted and learned all about the culture of Isla Dragos and life was great.

Given the experience that they encountered, the Advan make no attempt to avenge the loss of the brethren nor do they try to find the mysterious island. As far as they were concerned, whatever monster carried out the massacre in the Port City was going to be far too much trouble.

After a couple of years, Daniva discovered that she was pregnant. This delighted the couple and the Diamond Village as a whole. Daniva was able to maintain her humanoid form for about five months. Afterwards, she had to remain in her dragon form. Kavos left the majority of the duties of leading the village to Sagon and the Maiden, who had grown extremely close to Daniva and acted as her handmaiden. Kavos spends more and more time in his achieved dragon form in order to be with Daniva and comfort her. Being a telepath allows him to communicate even when he's not in humanoid form, so that also helps to keep things running smoothly. Around the 10th month, Daniva finally lays her eggs. There are 4 eggs in total. Daniva is extremely tired after releasing the eggs and Kavos moves her and the eggs into the inner sanctuary. His most loyal and trusted guards are assigned to protect the area and the Maiden stays with Daniva when Kavos has to patrol the area or see to administrative duties. Daniva uses a steady flow of her power to incubate the eggs against her body to continue their gestation. While she sleeps, Kavos transfers as much of his energy as he safely can to Daniva so that she is able to recover. The Maiden is often the one who has to stop him from giving too much.
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Origin: Huntare
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