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 Storyline Ideas

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PostSubject: Storyline Ideas   Storyline Ideas EmptyThu Jan 07, 2016 8:07 am

1) Relationship between Huntare and Yujia Crown Prince

2) A glimpse into the power of the Crown Prince
* What is his spirit?
- Fairy King
- Demon Hive Creature

- Instead of a single spirit, he could share his bond with some sort of "Collective" of spirits that are united by a specific place or realm

* What are his powers?
- Energy Absorption and Reflection
- Power/Ability Replication or Mimic
- Summon Creatures/Minions

* Fighting Style
- Yujia Martial Arts - PvP style
- Flying Discs/Chakrams - PvE style/Crowd Control

3) The Event that leads to Huntare's powers being sealed away
- Set Up to Assassinate Crown Prince
- Members of his Bodyguard team are in on the attempt
- Set up by the leaders of two of the Upper Nobility and two of the Lesser Nobility houses within Yujia
- Crown Prince defends himself, but his wounded pretty badly by the time Huntare and Crown Prince's chief bodyguard arrive to save him
- Given his bond to the Crown Prince, Huntare succumbs to his rage and goes berserk and finally shows not only the extent of his powers, but the extent of his brutality and savagery
- Huntare mutilates the bodies and spells out "messages" with the limbs of the now deceased bloodlines...
~ "For Betrayal" - Upper Nobility 2
~ "Punishment" - Upper Nobility 1
~ "Traitors" - Lower Nobility 2
~ "Eradicate" - Lower Nobility 1
- When a patrol tries to capture him, he attacks them as well, but he does not kill them
- The Crown Prince is the only one capable of getting him back under control, then keeps Huntare by his side as he heals, refusing to allow him to be taken into custody
- The Yujia Warden convinces Crown Prince to surrender Huntare to prevent uprising from other noble houses or attract the attention of the Eilol Syli
- To appease the other families, the Lord of Yujia proposes that Huntare's powers be sealed so that he cannot go on another rampage
- Crown Prince, already at odds with his father, tells the Lord that if Huntare is not released to him, he will take him by force
- The Warden explains to Crown Prince that Huntare cannot control his psionic powers when his emotions are out of control and with no one who understands his powers and how they are all connected enough to truly help him, he's a danger to himself as much as anyone else, so if Crown Prince truly wants to protect him, then the sealing would give him the time to train and unlock his powers in a manner similar to all Kotada. She reminds the Prince of what happened when he came of age as well as what happened when Princess Zanya came of age.
- The Warden assigns two of her own Elite Guards to join the Crown Prince's Guard since his protection and safety is where all this stemmed from
- The tense standoff between the Crown Prince and his parents was quickly reaching an explosion point
- Huntare, who is present for all of this discussion, looks at the Warden and even though his powers are being heavily suppressed he asks her telepathically, "Will the Prince be safe when I'm gone?" She looks at Huntare and nods. "I thank you for protecting and avenging the betrayal against my son. My guards and his captain will protect him now while you train to gain control and unlock your powers." Huntare nods and speaks aloud, "My Prince, the Royal Family of Yujia must be united. I am your weapon, but for now, I must be sheathed. You always protect the Warden and Yujia."
- The Crown Prince looks at his mother and kneels to submit to her will.
- When the Sealing Ritual is performed, the Crown Prince forces his way into the chamber and his first instinct is to interrupt it, but his mother is present because she anticipated that he would, so the Crown Prince grabs Huntare's hand and tells him to focus on his thoughts. The Crown Prince shows Huntare the first time they met but from the Prince's perspective. He talks to him through the memory until the ritual is complete and Huntare passes out.

4) Aftermath of Huntare's Sealing leading up to Prince sending Huntare to the Academy to look after Zanya
- When Huntare wakes up, he discovers that his mind is quiet. He strains to mentally connect with someone and finds that he can't. He begins to panic and the guard, who he doesn't recognize, announces that he's awake.
- Huntare, thinking that he's been captured, tries to telekinetically push the guard away from him, but nothing happens
- The guard tries to get him to relax, but that doesn't seem to work either.
- Huntare tries to disarm the guard, but finds himself much slower than he was before
- The door opens and he sees the Crown Prince. He dashes towards him and hugs him. "What did they do to me? Everything is so quiet and I'm... I'm..."
- The Prince calms him down and tells him that he spoke with his mother and the Ritual sealed his psionic abilities. Since his mind controlled all of his other abilities, the Nexus of his ability is sealed meaning that he will have to unlock enough of his abilities to allow him to unlock his psionic abilities. Right now, the Sealing essentially buried his psionics under his other abilities. So the key to getting back to his former prowess is unlocking his psionics, but the key to unlocking his psionics and unlocking his other abilities first.
- The Prince takes Huntare out of the room that he had been asleep in for over two weeks to get some fresh air and sunlight as they walk through the Gardens of the Prince's retreat villa
- The Prince spends the next couple of months training Huntare physically and awakening his martial arts knowledge. Even though he's currently unable to perform some of the moves that he used to, he still has most of the memories
- Once he's at least back in shape physically and emotionally, the Prince helps him unlock the first of his powers, which is the one that he had the strongest affinity with after his psionics.
- Huntare re-establishes his connection to the Void Plane and the ability to open short-range portals to teleport short distances and even though he can't telekinetically move objects, he can teleport them around
- Having to be left behind when the Crown Prince leaves to handle a dangerous situation causes frustration to well up in Huntare and he unlocks his ability to create distortion rips that can cause decent damage to the target of his anger
- Huntare gets bored of being stuck in the villa and teleports out to go clear his head. While he's out and in this heavily weakened state, he is attacked by a family member of one of the noble families he slaughtered
- The noble, who never would've stood a chance a month prior, is able to pummel Huntare and nearly kills me before one of the Prince's guards appears out of nowhere to rescue him while the Prince neutralizes the attacker
- The guard teleports all four of them back to the Villa, where Huntare is treated and the noble is interrogated
- The Prince's meeting now provides a perfect opportunity for him to give Huntare a sense of purpose again while keeping him and a Yujia Royal safe at the same time
- Using his vast network of contacts, he has Huntare retrieved quietly from the Villa by a 3 person team from the Sentinel Corps that he knows and trusts. He lets them know the situation and tells them to handle the rest in regards to unlocking his abilities and making sure that he's placed with Zanya
- They agree, of course, and just as quietly slip out of the villa with an unconscious Huntare

5) Huntare arrives at the Academy
- Zanya is actually happy to see Huntare since she's been predominantly cut off from her Yujia life, but she is partially opposed to him being sent to protect her as she's trying to prove her own independence
~ Flashback: Huntare (7) and Zanya (8) Meet for the first time
~ Huntare has been traveling and training with the Prince for 2 years by now
- After a few incidents where people trying to bully her are promptly made to cease and apologize, she realizes that she's going to need to help him adjust since she knows that he's used to be a weapon for the Crown Prince
- Her powers start to work properly now that Huntare is bonding with her. At the same time, Huntare is able to feel her presence and emotional state even when she's not physically near him

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Storyline Ideas
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