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 Lirhys (Mask)

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PostSubject: Lirhys (Mask)   Lirhys (Mask) EmptyThu Jan 07, 2016 1:51 am

Lirhys (Mask) Pbucket
Name: Lirhys (Mask)
Age: 19
Race: Talodari
Region of Origin: Tankir
Family Status: Lesser Nobility = only two or three generations of Kotada
- she herself is somewhat of an outcast due to her "personality disorder"

Starting Role: Corps (Blade)
Spirit Creature: The Lioness and The Huntress
Spirit Type: Physical - enhanced senses, speed and supernatural precision and ability to bypass/pierce magical barriers
- Barrier Pierce is imbued into her weapons, but she'll figure out how to expand it
- Enhanced Healing Factor will develop with story

Starting Power:
Starting Weapon: Class C Weapon Manifestation Gauntlets (can store up to 2 weapons each that can be manifested at any time) - specific to Gem b/c she made them
L1) Short Sword (left of the set)
L2) Bow - number of arrows able to manifest is based on her energy levels
R1) Short Sword (right of the set)
R2) Spear/Javelin - depends on the personality
Starting Armor: Sentinel Blade Leather Armor (customized)

Current Role Within Team: Scout and Enemy Disruption/Chaos Factor

Current Attributes
PATK: 6/35
MATK: 3/35
DEX: 6/35
ACC: 6/35

VIT: 4/35
PDEF: 5/35
MDEF: 4/35
MOV: 6/35

"I Will Strike First and I Will Strike Last. Order calls for your neutralization."
Kautuka - Mystic Hybrid | The Art of War
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Lirhys (Mask)
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