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 Raiyun Syx

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PostSubject: Raiyun Syx   Thu May 28, 2015 8:39 pm

Name: Raiyun Syx
Age: 19
Race: Talodari
Region of Origin: Sokru
Society Status: Lesser Nobility (his family only has 2 generations of Kotada, so they are looked down upon. Still they are a proud family and devoted to the Eilol Syli)

Starting Role: Corps (Shield)
Spirit Creature: Gryphon
Spirit Type: Energy - Light Magic (Raw Spiritual)

Starting Power: Barrier Mage
Example: Raiyun can create Class D barriers around up to 4 nearby allies and himself or a single Class C
Using his light magic, he can also trap and/or stun enemies, but has weak output
Starting Weapon:
Primary Weapon: Class C Amp Bracers - standard issue novice bracers that can provide a small boost the wearer's magic or can be focused to create a minor energy shield in front of the wearer
Secondary Weapon: Chain Gauntlet - given his armoring prowess, Raiyun made a gauntlet to go over his bracers that can store and release a full-length chain that he uses to restrain opponents
Starting Armor: Sentinel Shield issue Studded Leather

Current Role Within Team: Tank and Crowd Control

Current Attribute Classifications
PATK: C (low)
MATK: C (low)
DEX: C (mid)
ACC: C (mid)

VIT: C (high)
PDEF: C (high)
MDEF: C (high)
MOV: C (low)

"I Will Strike First and I Will Strike Last. Order calls for your neutralization."
Kautuka - Mystic Hybrid | The Art of War
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Raiyun Syx
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