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PostSubject: Huntare   Huntare EmptyThu May 28, 2015 6:42 pm

Huntare Pbucket

Name: Huntare
Age: 18
Race: 3/4 Dragon Spirit & 1/4 Talodari (his benefactor instructed him to identify as a Talodari)
Region of Origin: Birthplace is undisclosed. From the Yujia Coastal Region in the Southwest
Society Status: Outcast with a Royal Patron (often treated like a low-mid level noble)

Starting Role: Corps (Orb)
Spirit Creature: Dragon
Spirit Type: Energy - Void

Starting Power: Void Acolyte - novice ability to manipulate the Void for teleportation and damage
Example: short range portal manipulation used for teleportation and/or moving small-medium objects from one place to another (he has to be able to see the destination)
Example: opens small distortion rips in the Void that inflict damage on the target or area
Starting Weapon:
Primary: Yujia Martial Arts and Sentinel Mutsu Ryu
Secondary: Class D Amp Bracers - novice bracers that can provide a small boost the wearer's magic or can be focused to create a minor energy shield in front of the wearer
Starting Armor: Light clothing/hidden armor or robes, depending on their focus towards covert operations or diplomacy

Current Role Within Team: Assassin/Champion - focused damage dealer

Current Attributes
PATK: 5/35
MATK: 6/35
DEX: 6/35
ACC: 6/35

VIT: 6/35
PDEF: 4/35
MDEF: 4/35
MOV: 3/35

Huntare Pbucket

"I Will Strike First and I Will Strike Last. Order calls for your neutralization."
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