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 NPC Bio Template

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PostSubject: NPC Bio Template   Thu May 28, 2015 5:43 pm

Race: Human, Talodari, or Spirit
Region of Origin:
Society Status:
New Blood = Both of your parents were human, yet you turned out to be chosen
Lesser Nobility = Your family is lower nobility due to one of your parents or grandparents being Chosen
Upper Nobility = Both of your parents are Chosen and you come from a family of Chosen
Outcast = You are from a village that lies outside of the control of the Seven Crests

Spirit Creature:
Spirit Type: Select a physical gift or energy type
1) Physical (supernatural attributes, natural weapons, weapon proficiency, enhanced healing factor, or heightened senses or level of genius)
2) Energy (elemental, raw spiritual, raw energy, psychic, spatial, necromancy, etc.)

Starting Power:
Starting Weapon:
Starting Armor:

Backstory: (summary of their history)

Motivation/Role: (what do they want out of life? - this will change for certain characters as the story progresses. Also, what is their role as it pertains to the main characters. Are they a protagonist helping them with their missions and the story or are they an antagonist that constantly interferes with their path and missions. A third would be that they are a little of both.

Interaction with Main Characters: (can be written out in summary form or maintained as a list)

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NPC Bio Template
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