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 Rules for Origins

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PostSubject: Rules for Origins   Rules for Origins EmptyThu Oct 11, 2012 11:06 pm

Ok so a quick note about writing Origins. Basically, these are just background solos that tell of how your character came to join the Order. The general backgrounds are as follows:


Here are the general guidelines tho:
1) Your character was inducted as a child. At the oldest, you would have been like 10 years old. The reasoning behind is this is that all of the members of the Order are trained in martial arts and they learn about spirits and bonding and such.
2) No one is allowed to be the offspring of a Sage without prior approval from Kyro and I.
3) Origins will not be used to justify stronger abilities or stronger control of one's abilities. To be honest, everyone's powers/abilities will pretty much progress with the main storyline.
4) Please be original. This world and story is very open-ended. The storyline and world will basically move as events occur. I do not know how it will end, so leave yourself open to be included in side stories and even the main stories.
5) There is no advantage or disadvantage to choosing any of the recruitment methods. Even if your character is from an upper nobility family, your past is left behind when you enter the ranks of the Order.

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Rules for Origins
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