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 Omg hungry

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PostSubject: Omg hungry   Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:58 pm

After a few days walk a starving and thirsty vix staggered his way into a busy market at the center of the coastal city. It was about midday and the sun was shinning nice and bright. Vix's stomach was kiling him. He needed food but he had no money. He thought about what he was to do. As the seconds past his stomach gurgled again. "Fuck it!" Vix picked out a stand with some fruit and stagered over to it. "How much do these cost? Also I was wonering if thy don't cost too much maybe I could do a favor or something for a couple apple and oranges" The stand owner gave him a smile "barter only.. you have nothing to barter with then no fruit. That's the way it works. Now scoot along" vix gave the man a dirty look before he staggered away defeated. "I need money or something to trade... a job maybe... I hate jobs too confining. I need money though. What am I to do?" He decided he would look for a tavern and maybe he could find a quick task for cash from a shady character. "Maybe they'll let me do some dishes for some food."
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PostSubject: Re: Omg hungry   Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:17 pm

A quick flight north has begun, brought up from conversation of the past. I had a settlement, and my own people. I wondered if the other mage, a spirit like myself, had survived the events and had returned to his kingdom on the coast. There were so many questions to have settled, the primary being a rather simple one. Was my settlement, my colony, my civilization, still there? Were my people still my people? The air was warm and the wind was at my back as I began my descent towards a market city on the edge of the coast. Like any major gathering of these humans, it seemed like the easiest method of gaining intelligence in a proper fashion would be at the local tavern. Stepping down onto the ground, I would stride through the streets, taking note of the garb and demeanor of the people before heading straight for the tavern.

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Omg hungry
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