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 Shopping II

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PostSubject: Shopping II   Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:46 pm

Moving through the market, Yuki slowly shifts his gaze from side to side as he scans the area while humming lightly to himself, following at his side was one of his recently recuited commanders, a red headed female that he had come across during his ventures and brought into his fold. " Why are we here again? " The female asks as she looks to Yuki. Hearing her question, Yuki sighs softly as he glances back to her, " We are here to find you a new weapon and perhaps some armor. " Yuki answers before turning his gaze back ahead of them and spots the armor and begins to move towards it. The red haird female gives a nod to the answer given as she follows after Yuki. Leading the way to the armor, Yuki steps into the building and is greeted by the male that works in the building. " Greetings. " The male calls out as he watches Yuki come into the armory. Looking to the male, Yuki gives a faint nod, " Greetings. Perhaps you can help me, I am in search of a weapon for my commander. " Yuki says as he gestures to the red haird female. The male gives a nod as he begins to show the two some weapons that have been made at the blacksmith. Since they where in search of a weapon for Lilias, Yuki lets the female pick out a weapon she would like to use as well as some armor to help protect her when in battle. However, once the items had been selected, a board sword and some leather armor, it was up to Yuki to cover the bill for the items. Given that it was his village and he had enough to cover the price, Yuki didn't see any need to try and haggle the price of the two items down any and simply pays fill price for the two items for Lilias. With the sword and armor Yuki leaves with Lilias.

EXP/PWC: 340

- Broad Sword
- Leather Armor
Cost: 2 common items

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Shopping II
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