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 Stage One : Contact

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PostSubject: Stage One : Contact   Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:25 am

Nightfall would be coming in a few hours, and something was still on my mind. I had met with the demon, but there was still someone I wished to find. My residency in the northern heights had been relatively untouched, although there was a tribe residing within its walls. I was not particularly happy about this fact, and would remedy it, but for now my objective was different. There were memories coming to me, of places I had remembered that human talking about. He had made a remark about “not wanting my kind in his neighborhood” when I had mentioned living in the Northern Heights. I had been unable to find the family I had once resided with, and that brought me a bit of displeasure upon my return here.
The former commissioner of the division, someone who knew the workings of the city in and out, would be the only person fit to unite these humans again. I wasn’t particularly the first person he would want to see, and I was fully aware that he might try to shoot me before talking. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did it just to make himself feel a little better.. especially if his situation was similar to mine. I had been able to reclaim my academy, and clear it out from the demons that had been spending the last 25 years scavenging items from it, and attempting to move the large, rusted doors that led down into the lower academy.
I would sigh before floating down to the streets of the old Northern Heights. A white suit had been reclaimed from the closet in my office. Thank god I had an interior designer who had made my office walls look like.. walls. Unless you knew specifically where to look, you wouldn’t really be able to find what was there. On the flip side, I had to pry the damn thing open since they were on motor rollers. It felt good to at least wear decent clothes again. Landing in the streets, I looked around, wondering which one might have been his. I figured he was enough of an asshole to go reclaim his property. At least, that’s how I remembered him..

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PostSubject: Re: Stage One : Contact   Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:59 pm

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Stage One : Contact
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