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 How to Update Your Bio

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PostSubject: How to Update Your Bio   Sun May 15, 2011 11:59 am

How to Update Your Bio
Shin Edited

Here on DoR, members are able to update their own bio or have someone update it for them.
1) Create and post your character bio
2) After the bio is approved by Shin, you can start adding updated versions of it.
3) Do not edit your bi pages; you must create a NEW POST for edits.
- Be sure to include Links to the threads you claiming credit for updating as well as the updated version of the bio.

For example:

Bio Thread

Post 1: Post your bio on your bio personal thread and mark it Finished in the description when you're done.
- Now go and do some RPs or something.
- Oh? You finished your first RP to be updated? Good.

Post 2: Post the link to the RP that you're getting credit for and updating as well as what all you get in that RP (EXP, TEXP, w/e).

Post 3: Post an updated version to your bio with the stuff from the RP you did.
- You can update multiple RPs at once, but the process is the same.


The reason we do it this way is to keep track of updates. Anyone can compare old and new versions of your bio with your updates just in case it needs to be audited to make sure you’re doing updates right.

Your changes should be CLEAR and CONCISE
If there's an issue with your bio or update someone will let you know.

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How to Update Your Bio
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