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 Reversal of Decay III(Closed Flashback)

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PostSubject: Reversal of Decay III(Closed Flashback)   Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:47 am

The Monday Following

“ Some people think that ya need magic to be invisible”.

Said his instructor beginning todays lesson on infiltration and generally sneakiness. “ but that’s not really neccisary, don’t get me wrong magic that makes you disappear completely is hella useful if you don’t want to be seen, but that tends to have its down sides too like showing up on magical Wiseman I;m gonna teach you how people like me become invisible....the trick is hiding in plain sight...”. It was said that to hide something you had to hide it best right in front of the person you were hiding it from. After all if they didn’t suspect you were hiding something then that primary illusion was enough. “ Moving sneakily, I’ll teach you, concealing yourself in shadow...hiding noise...removing’ll learn all that but the first and most primary skill I’m going to teach you is to blend in....sometimes in an open area, when cameras are watching dancing from shadow to shadow isn’t the best way to hide who you are or what you are doing...sometimes the best way to go ahead and do to just act like everyone else....walk in the crowd...and become a part of the scenery”.


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Reversal of Decay III(Closed Flashback)
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