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 Streets of Time

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PostSubject: Streets of Time   Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:22 am

Noah Valesti | Kimi | Galatea | Jade
Health: 100% | 100% | 100% | 100%
Stamina: 100% | 100% | 100% | 100%
Noah's Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: I [+0.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: I [+0.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: I [+0.0]
Kimi's Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: I [+0.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: I [+0.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: I [+0.0]
Galatea's Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: I [+0.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: I [+0.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: I [+0.0]
Jade's Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: I [+0.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: I [+0.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: I [+0.0]
Actions: --- | --- | --- | ---
Active Skills: --- | --- | ---
Active Forms: ---
Dmg/Status Relay: --- | --- | --- | ---
Theme: A Kami's Smile
Location: V8b *School|Hospital|School|School*

The streets of Inanis...ruins was what it looked like. The clouds above the region being dark and the scent of death just overtaking the place. In the center of Inanis was four figures who appeared to be quite exhausted. The first one was a teen male, and the other three were females who stood beside him, each possessing a fierce expression. Before them was a lone figure with a toothpick in his mouth. He possessed long flowing white hair similar to one of the female figures opposing him." Damn...I have to say that for a child and three females, you all are actually not that bad...but you can't win ". The leader of the four would make their way forwards and while moving he would bring his hand up. The hand would cover part of his face as the eye that was revealed turned pure red." You're some piece of work. You truly believe that we don't have what it takes to bring you down...let me tell you something. You may have been right if you had confronted us some time ago...back when my love was given to the wrong person, back when my power was sealed...but that's not the case here...we've been fighting to observe certain factors...and now we're going to fight to kill ". The figure before them narrowed his eyes upon hearing the child's words because it indicated that they haven't been fighting with everything they had. The child laughed a little before holding his hands out." Faust...THIS IS THE END!! ". The child yelled as red lines appeared over his body making certain patterns. One of the Females behind him dropped what she had which was a bow and pulled out a long blade from her sheath and held it forwards. The figure known as Faust caused everything to start moving in towards him through some kind of method." Im gonna devour everything! ". The Child would rush towards the figure with no hesitation." CROSS REDEMPTION! " And with hearing that, the Female with the long blade and full armor would shoot forwards. Upon reaching the figure, The Female would swing the long blade hard and fast, producing swings that one of average reaction couldn't even process. None of the slices made their way through the flesh but it delivered damage, which would cause the suction to stop." What the... ". She would then bring her feet up and shoot it towards Faust's chin which would send him up towards the sky. With each hit, it appeared as if reality was returning to normal." JIHAD! ". Faust would hear that word as he looked up, seeing a white creature that looked more machine than anything, mainly white and possessing 8 swords spread out behind it. multiple blasts of energy down towards Faust, engulfing him and creating a burst of light once hitting the ground, causing the entire are to vanish in the light. Once the light itself vanished, the village didn't appear so dark nor in ruins. It was as if it was a beautiful day in Inanis. People were walking around almost as if nothing had happened, though none of the figures was able to explain it themselves. The child was normal again standing next to the woman who delivered the strikes. They both was holding each others hands, and possessed matching rings.

Words :: 628 Exp
Gains ::1 TEXP [Earn at 250 EXP in a day.]
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Streets of Time
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