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 And there she was...

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PostSubject: And there she was...   Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:17 pm

Sophia Elimine
Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Sophia's Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: I [+0.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: I [+0.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: I [+0.0]
Actions: ---
Active Skills: ---
Active Forms: ---
Dmg/Status Relay: ---
Theme: Liar's Smile
Location: V7d *---*

So much has happened within the past, both wonderful times and sad times. A time where she once experienced Love, A time when she suffered the pain of being seperated from the one she loved...a tragic trend plaguing the realm of Terra. Gone from living the life to living the life within a divine being...and from that point she developed even greater memories, some sadder than before, and some happier. Helping Noah through the hardest times alongside Kimi who became like a best friend to her. Even with her freedom limited at that time, she loved the life, but it would appear that fate didn't want her to be happy, as following an event, the seal that was meant to keep the spirits within Noah was shattered and all of the individuals was released to parts of the world, now capable of living their own life. Sophia in a sense was unfortunate though, for with gaining her freedom, she lost her memories to the world. The New story of Sophia Elimine would begin within the Great city of Inanis, during a time where most of the people were working to make it the True Paradise of Terra. Groaning noises would be made as it felt like she had been sleeping for over a thousand years, and so her body felt so weak. She couldn't find herself to wake up completely, but she tried hard, and so her naked body remained laying in the sand on the coast within Inanis.

Words :: 272 Exp
Gains ::1 TEXP [Earn at 250 EXP in a day.]
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And there she was...
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