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 Sophia Elimine

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PostSubject: Sophia Elimine   Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:55 am



Name: Sophia Elimine or " Sophy "
Description: Once apart of the Kami known as Noah, she is naive and innocent to a fault. She is Kindhearted and open-minded to everyone around her. She attempts to be protective of the ones she love in a Non aggressive way, making it extremely hard for enemies or just people in general to take her seriously. Even in the eyes of an Onikonjou, Sophia wouldn't attempt to kill, which hinders her in many ways despite her capabilities. It is because of this that she spend her time in Heavily populated areas and is uncomfortable traveling. Sophia comes as close to a pure individual than anyone. In the past She was captured , sealed within Noah, and then released recently where she would be found on the Coast without her memory.
Base Race: Hybrid
Sub Race: Possessed Human
Character Bonuses: Charismatic [Charm]
Weakness: Curse
» Themes:
~ Liar's Smile | Sophia's Theme

Sophia's Affection Lvl

Default Location: Terra Regnum :: The Coastal Regions of Mare Maris | Inanis

Battle Record
Wins: 0
» Opponent
Kills: 0
» Opponent
Losses: 0
» Opponent
Draws: 0
» Opponent


Life Path: Independent
Job: Paramour
Recognition: None
» Class: Role 1
» Pay: 1-10 VC

Barter Items
» 00: Very Common
» 00: Common
» 00: Uncommon
» 00: Rare
» 00: Very Rare
» 00: Exceptionally Rare
» 00: Priceless



Level (SL): 0 [ 0 / 200,000 ]

EXP: 0

JC: 0
PWC: 0 (Paramour-1)

pSP: 0
mSP: 0

Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%


Strength: Average [+0.0] | [+0.0]
Intelligence: Average [+0.0] | [+0.0]
Defense: Average [+0.0] | [+0.0]
Aegis: Average [+0.0] | [+0.0]
Movement: Average [+0.0] | [+0.0]
Dexterity: Average [+0.0] | [+0.0]

Transformations [4/4 Slots available]
» Immense Spiritual Power (Passive) PS [Locked]
Sophia's body naturally collects spiritual energy from within the area, taking it into her body and then releasing it back into the atmosphere. It is because of this that her body despite it's fragile look, is stronger, faster, durable than that of the average person, and because of the nature of the spirit energy, it helps her becomes more in-tuned with magic. Even in areas where there really isn't any spiritual energies, her body has stored enough to naturally keep it strong. There is no distinctive aura or anything about her that would give hint of this process or anything.

Race Bonuses:

Quest and Saga Abilities:

Magical | Earth | 0 *x0.0 Bonus* :



Sagas Completed

Quests Completed

Character Notes


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PostSubject: Re: Sophia Elimine   Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:26 am

PS locked til lvl 5 and ur good

- The Big Cheese -
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Sophia Elimine
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