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 IC: The Second Dawning

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PostSubject: IC: The Second Dawning   Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:21 pm

This particular universe was considered to be lost. It was left in shambles void of life. With its failure, The Watchers decided to turn its attention to any of the hundreds of other universes that it had created up to this point, but something within it clung to the broken, discarded universe. It opted to return attention to the broken universe, going against itself and causing a conflict within the collaborative entity that lasted for some time.

Eventually, this rebellious portion of The Watchers was purged in the form of "The Fallen Watcher." It was created as a separate being, taking 1/100th of the Watcher's power with it in its separation. It departed the Realm of the Watchers and traveled to the Barrier Earth Realm (Terra). The Fallen Watcher's arrival and manifestation within the Earth Realm was known to the residents of this universe as, The Radiant Dawn. With his arrival, The Fallen Watcher brought forth life to the universe and soon after went dormant in order to allow the universe to build its strength for the next phase in its plan.

After some time, The Fallen Watcher reawakened from its slumber. In his awakening, he drained a portion of the universe's essence into him in a process that took about a week. During this time, mages and warriors alike found their energies drained. Beings all over endured this period of Replication, feeling weak and temporarily losing magical and physical abilities. The luxury of the magic and skills that they had developed were ripped from them in order to go to The Fallen Watcher's greater scheme. The gathering of this energy created huge magical angelic wings that hovered in the skies of Yochi during this process.
[ Member character bio's are reset save for items and earned path rewards like armies, structures and personnel ]

After gathering a sufficient amount of magical energy, The Fallen Watcher created a realm above the Upper Heavens, calling it the Pure Realm. Its purpose was to hold the universe's secrets and great powers, including the Book of Creation. The Fallen Watcher did not care to recreate the role of the Hogasha to protect and separate the realms, as they were already intertwined and tainted. Instead, he focused only on The Pure Realm. In order to protect The Pure Realm in his absence, The Fallen Watcher shifted reality reintroducing the combined form of Bleaus and Merkus, naming them as one entity, Micah, and set them as guardian.

The reality of the universe was already weak due to the tampering of Dem. Because of this, the reality shift to "create" Micah resulted in the reincarnation of 1% of the population as it existed before The Radiant Dawn.
[ H2H characters allowed. Members can play restarted character from H2H. Reality shift either causes entities to replace their current vessels as they were "pre dawn" or creates a duplicate version like butt naked in the wilderness somewhere. H2H characters will have memories from before the Dawn, but not afterwards. ]

After 7 days of Replication, the world has undergone a dramatic event. Residents of all realms are left clueless to what has changed and why. Strong beings, such as The Dark King and The Prophet, find themselves robbed of their powers, embarking on a journey for answers and re conditioning. Strange people are starting to arrive in populated areas of Terra with no memory of the last 25 years with claims of knowledge from the past. The world has changed and there are no real answers...

...but life must go on.

- The Big Cheese -
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IC: The Second Dawning
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