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 Obstinant Ignorance II

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PostSubject: Obstinant Ignorance II   Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:41 am

There were inherit problems about range of spells. That much was true. After his intial success he’d taken some time to think about the logistics of sensing spells their range and generally just how magic worked. Magic always generated from a persons actual body. Which left Jack at a bit of a disadvantage when making his spell long range. There was going to be a lag time delay by the time the spell got back to him. That and if there was a solid enough structure between the magic and the target then it was going to be most useless. Instead Jack had to figure a way so that he would not be limited by the lag time. Which meant he either had to change this path of research entirely and make this a body changing physical augmentation. Or make it some kind of different magical tracking. Or perhaps even a mix of both.

Time based tracking was going to make things a lot simpler. But the the limitations of that were based on how fresh the trail stayed between himself and the inended target, which although amde the idea of lag based problems a lot simpler it meant that there would be issues in actually finding the persons trail to pick up from in the first place. He tapped his chin thinking about the entire issue, solutions and problems too many out in front of him too many ways he could go with ti. Sometimes it was better to just go with simplicity and let the problems work out themselves. But then that idea didn’t work all too often. And had left him in a problematic place before. Time was ticking.


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Obstinant Ignorance II
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