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 Ωmega: The One Behind Divine

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PostSubject: Ωmega: The One Behind Divine   Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:57 pm

Noah Valesti | Kimi | Galatea
Health: 200% | 20% | 100%
Stamina: 150% | 5% | 100%
Noah's Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: V [+4.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: III [+2.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: III [+2.0]
Kimi's Attributes: STR: II [+1.0] INT: II [+1.0] DEF: II [+1.0] Aegis: II [+1.0] MOV: II [+1.0] DEX: II [+1.0]
Galatea's Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: I [+0.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: I [+0.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: I [+0.0]
Actions: --- | --- | ---
Active Skills: Noah's Resolve[∞] | Soul Link[∞] | Hero[∞]
Active Forms: Form:Angel[Undrain] | Form:Archangel[Booster I+Refreshing]
Dmg/Status Relay: --- | --- | ---
Theme: Speeding Spirit | Critical Situation
Location: V86 *Twilight Temple F100|Twilight Temple F100|Unknown*

Tears flowed from her eyes at the events that occured. Her heart racing, scared for many reason. There was something wrong with the one she loved, and as it stood she knew she couldn't perform the task before her. In the middle of the room, surrounded by walls that possessed many symbols on them, Kimi wiped her eyes while on one knee. She wasn't in this position willingly as it was brought about from her body being weakened. Her Armored was only slightly messed up, though there were dirt and a little bit of blood on her face which would indicate battle. Before her was a child without a single scratch on him, grey skin and in nice clothes that appeared to have not been touched period, indicating the ability of defense that this individual had." No...I won't give up!! " Kimi yelled with her head lifting up quickly towards the individual before her. (Sophia: NO!! I WONT ALLOW YOU TO DO IT!!). (???: What!? You're not even my opponent! begone!) And with that, the other voice within the darkness would be cast away. The figure looked to The weakened Kimi and began to walk to her. Kimi lifted up quickly and rushed Noah, appearing infront of him and throwing a few punches, which would be thwarted by an erected Barrier, a barrier that would hit her and toss her far back until she slid across the ground, eventually coming to a halt." What's this ? I guess you can fight...Earth pierce with force that is fierce! ". A spike would shoot from the ground moving at 293 fps, which would hit Kimi before she could even realize it. The rest of her armor would break as she was pinned to the wall through the shoulder." AHHHHHHH!!!!! ". She screamed with tears rolling down her face. Despite crying, her hands would reach over to the earth that extended and pierced her, holding onto it trying to do something impossible...removing it. She was doing something that No one ever did for him, not even during his time in Caelestis Regnum with Sera...She was fighting for him. Kimi wasn't fighting to survive, she was fighting to save Noah." I won't lose...I...Can't ". The tears didn't stop even as she struggled to free herself." I...will never...give up...on you!! ". The figure would come to a stop, smiling in an dark way before spreading his arms." You're Pathetic! Your death will be your own fault....UuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrAAAAAAH!!! Vascud CRIS!!! " Before he could finish the chant, there was a pulse that caused him to stop. He held onto his face and fell to his knees shaking." Wha...what is this!? ". He muttered before the voice that was once darkened became slightly softer and weak." Go! " With that said, Noah's would cast Tela towards the Pinned Kimi, warping her from out of the Twilight Temple and only ways off from Theden.


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Ωmega: The One Behind Divine
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