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 Limelight of Terra I

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PostSubject: Limelight of Terra I   Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:08 pm

Sophia | Kimi | Galatea
Health: 200% | 100% | 100%
Stamina: 150% | 100% | 100%
Noah's Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: III [+2.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: I [+0.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: I [+0.0]
Kimi's Attributes: STR: II [+1.0] INT: II [+1.0] DEF: II [+1.0] Aegis: II [+1.0] MOV: II [+1.0] DEX: II [+1.0]
Galatea's Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: I [+0.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: I [+0.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: I [+0.0]
Actions: ---
Active Skills: ---
Active Forms: ---
Dmg/Status Relay: ---
Theme: IN MY WORLD | Sophia's Theme
Location: Noah: V8b

Today was the day of the Limelight Festival, the first of many to come. Today was to celebrate the birth of Inanis, and though birthdays was celebrated once a year, the village would celebrate it once a month. There was so much going on within the city, and with so much going on required all soldiers doing their job. People came from all across the lands to attend the Limelight Festival, and like at most important events, all visitors was checked for weaponry and other things. Spirits weren't allowed, especially Oni's due to their natures. They guards checked everysingle individual that came to the event, making sure that none of them was under some form of disguise. With 236 Soldiers on duty, it was hard seeing even a single Oni getting by. So many things kept the people in the festival busy and entertained, but one of the greatest events was the concert that Noah held for the villagers. The village leader would choose a special song to him that was created by him and song it to the villagers. He...well in this case she couldn't sing any songs that had been song by anyone else. It is because of that reason why she couldnt sing the song that Sera once sung to Noah before. It was alright though because she had a song of her own, and it was nothing someone would expect. She didn't sing the song yet since it was to be saved to near the event which lasted passed midnight. It was shocking that people stayed up this late and possessed such energy...well that was what came with the Limelight Festival. The Stage of performance would be above the House of Noah, in which everyone in the festival attended, which made it 1308 individuals that surrounded the temple. They were allowed to be infront of it little distance away and even allowed to stand in part of the garden that surrounded the path to the temple. It was the one of the greatest events to occur and at the end of it would be what kept the visitors there. They loved the place and enjoyed everything that occured. The beauty of it out shinned that of Mare Maris itself as was Noah's intentions. The event would begin as everyone set things up. There were hundreds of people surrounding the village, and Sophia was trying to regain her composure. It wasn't easy for her since Sera leaving made her look wrong in the eyes of Noah, the Kami now believing what Prometheus spoke instead of what she did. There wasn't much she couldn't do now but continue on. Her leaving partially led to the creation of the song. There was workers who was sitting around what would appear to be musical instruments, and in the middle front was where she was to stand. When she made it there, the crowd would all cheer loudly. Amongst the people at Musical instruments was Kimi and Galatea. Galatea was sticking out amongst everyone as she was pulling off a Goth look which alot of people seemed to love. Sophia was wearing a black dress which clashed with her soft looks which made it awesome. The music would start playing and Sophia would begin singing the song ( IN MY WORLD )


Words :: 653 Exp
Gains ::Natural Stroll *778x55% =1206* Gained 428 People
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Limelight of Terra I
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