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 Enjoying the days

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PostSubject: Enjoying the days   Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:56 pm

With a soft sigh Yuki slowly shifts his gaze as he scans across the village. He had taken much time to build homes for the people of his village, though in doing so he had neglected the other things he wished to build and to him, thought he has weakned his village in a since in due to the lack of a fighting force the village has, only roughly thirty troops not counting himself, though Yuki knew in time such a thing would be changed, but for now he wanted there to be enough housing for everyone in the village, he didn't want it to be like in other villages and towns where he would see those on the street with out a place to stay, no Yuki didn't want people to be left homeless, not like he had been when he was younger. He would rather make sure there is an over abundance of homes as apposed to not enough homes for everyone in the village, at least then he knew he would have room for new comers when they came to the village seeking shelter. As he shifts his gaze Yuki brings the apple up to his mouth and takes another bite as he thinks over what to do for the day.

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Enjoying the days
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