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 Unseen Stars VI

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PostSubject: Unseen Stars VI   Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:42 pm

Hello again dear reader, whoever you might be. I have had less time to make these records for you on account of many great and pressing things that have been happening in our humble midsts. There is a rumor of war. Specifically, the demon Jack is said to be planning to visit in a few days. His request will be for an army with which to attack another village.

I do not agree with this specific course of action. We have historically been a peaceable people. We don't shed blood, ours or others, for anything but defense.

However, if we find that this village might be some sort of a threat to us or our people, then I will not hesitate to put the full backing of my standing with the community behind this effort.

For now, we build houses. New people are coming in and attempting to house themselves, and there is plenty of land in our territory for them, so we worry not about these things. Additionally, we're beginning to make a base of operations for our trained soldiers separate from the places we train them at. I suggested the idea myself. With a center of intelligence and regular patrols, we won't have to worry about sneak attacks. We must start being more mature now that we're actually beginning to grow. I personally wouldn't want anything bad to happen to this place that Kokabiel has blessed us with. I will defend it with my heart, and I know my people will do the same.

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Unseen Stars VI
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