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 Is This Love ?

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PostSubject: Is This Love ?   Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:53 pm

Noah Valesti
Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%
Attributes: STR: I [+0.0] INT: III [+2.0] DEF: I [+0.0] Aegis: I [+0.0] MOV: I [+0.0] DEX: I [+0.0]
Actions: ---
Active Skills: ---
Active Forms: ---
Dmg/Status Relay: ---
Theme: Agony
Location: Noah: V7c

He was a tad suprised that she passed him while falling down to Terra Regnum. It was too much of an exciting feeling, this actually being his first time doing this. He personally thought that this was the best way to start off a date. Whether he knew it or not, the releasing of each other while falling down to Terra was something possessing far greater meaning only to be revealed later on. This whole fall would possess a meaning in their future, but for now it was just a fun activity done by two people who cared for each other dearly. His arms forced themselves to the side as he allowed himself to pick up in speed, falling down towards Sera and attempting to close the distance. His eyes remained opened due to the fact that he needed to make a good judgement call. When she looked back to him, he winked his eye, though it probably wouldn't be noticed. It was crazy to do what they were doing, but then again they weren't the average individuals. For some reason she went faster still, and at some point there was a loud booming noise, and not knowing what it was, the Kami would get the idea that it was about time they brought themselves to prepare for a safe landing. He would warp from his current position to one further down below Sera. They both had their wings that could bring them down, but He didn't want Sera attempting such and injuring herself. With reappearing below her, he held his hand out to Sera for her to grab, given that she was falling faster. With doing so, he would warp again and safely bring them to a nice beautiful field below, a place that would one day be known as Inanis City Trail.

Words :: 325 Exp
Gains ::---
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Is This Love ?
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