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 Here we go

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PostSubject: Here we go   Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:44 pm

. OOC .
1) How were humans birthed into existence?
- "The 2nd Hogasha of Onitoshi, a woman named Kayla, seduced Epion, but could not defeat him. Kayla and Epion came to fall in love." This would be their downfall, as the Creators would lift their immority, so they age and die. They became the first humans.

2) What was the name of the man said to have birthed 100 children that populated the ancient world?
- Gen Sai

3) What happened to the “ancient world”?
- The Book of Creation led to a great catastrophe across all realms. This catastrophe broke the heavens and the earth. All that the Watcher's had created had been torn asunder by Dem and all souls in existence were lost to the Great Power and the realms were left as carcasses.

4) What are the names of all three realms?
- Terra Regnum, Caelestis Regnum, Barathrum Regnum

5) How do you get from one realm to another?
- Access
The earth realm can be physically reached from either other spiritual realm.

The Heavenly realm is only accessible from Terra Regnum. In order to reach it, an entity will have to ascend 50 km to reach the open Heaven's Gates. In order to leave it, one would have to descend said 50 km. Unexplained isles of broken pieces of heaven float at varying altitudes below it, starting at 20 km. These can be used as resting areas in flight. These pieces of Heaven are generally sparse very small, consisting of enchanted stone and clouds, but are normally no larger than a full sized house.

This realm is only accessible from Terra Regnum. Since there is no magical portal to hell, in order to leave, one must go through Hell's Gates and traverse 20 km of labyrinth/caverns to reach it's entry point in Terra at the base of Diabolus Lake or ascend the same height via The Abyss. Entry to hell is performed the same way but in reverse.

6) What is your character's Soul Level (SL) based on?
- Soul Levels have two values. The first is the numeric value (1-100) and the second is the Augmented Experience Value. Generally a character's "level" is the first value of the SL Level.
7) Where the hell is the stamina chart? (Link)
- Right here...if I could actually link it /pokes Shin endlessly

How do you purchase things on this site? (Hint: explain bartering by site terms)
- Items will have a rarity that equal a value, such as Common Items being an average value of 10, or a Rare Items being an average value of 50

9) What happens if you die?
- "If a character dies then either a new character can be made or the current character can be re-invoked somehow based on storyline. You can use your spirit to possess another member character in order to combine your EXP\TEXP with theirs, but this will be like giving your character away."
10) What element is strong against fire? Ice? How about Earth?
- Fire: Water
- Ice: Fire
- Earth: Wind

. IC .
11) What does your character remember from 21 years ago?
- Nothing

12) Briefly describe (a sentence) the world that your character is set in.
- Mikura is set in a dark, dank world of the streets and death, killing to make a meager living, while his 'home' is a bar with a man that he calls 'Pops'.

13) What is The Dawn from your character's perspective?
- Nothing but a whiteness in his memory

14) How does your character earn a living? (i.e. get things to make purchases with)
- Mikura slays others for Rajeh, though it is mostly citizen that wish another dead.

15) You are looking at an electric fence with a warning size (no symbol) written in ancient text from the old world that says “danger.” How do you respond?
- Mikura would likely pick up a rock or a stick (both eventually) and throw them at the fence, and then likely decide that it wasn't worth anything to him. The reason for this is simple: Mikura doesn't trust anything that looks strange to him.

. Battle .
Objective 1: Your character is punched in the FACE by a Stage 2 technique (Punch!) How much damage do you take? (post your Stats, pls)
- 37.5

-Stats: Average

Objective 2: You punch a character with average attributes and a Stage 1 punch in the chest. He braces for the punch (Hint: 100% def stat used). How much damage does he take? (Post your stats, pls)
- 5

- Stats: Average

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PostSubject: Re: Here we go   Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:47 pm

Looks Good to me. PM sent to Moderator. You are free to RP he says.
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PostSubject: Re: Here we go   Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:24 am

oh ya, like she said, you pass
ur access was set oct 5th
ur free to rp and collect the rewards

- The Big Cheese -
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PostSubject: Re: Here we go   

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Here we go
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