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 Unseen Stars V

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PostSubject: Unseen Stars V   Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:14 pm

Hello, dear reader, whoever you might be. I write from a point in the past, the blooming of the late rose on the twentieth year of the light. I'm an escapee of the ages of darkness where all was oblivion and none knew the light of the soul. From this darkness I was drawn out, and Kokabiel taught my people the ways of the stars that we might know more of God.

I am still blessed. My home is in tact and, in fact, we're moving into a better shelter, one comprised of stone. As the unofficial historian of the village, I have some sway. People appear to think that I will be prejudiced in my recordings, but I have no reason to be. I have no enemies among my people, or among these new neighbors of ours.

But today I will write of these new neighbors. There was a tribe from the east which suffered an unfortunate demon attack. If it was our blessed demon who attacked them, then I shall say that those who died must have been terribly sinful creatures. If it was others, then my sorrow goes out to their memory. Interestingly enough, most of those who died were of a certain demographic. The very old were slaughtered, and there was wailing from granddaughters and grandsons for this, but they seemed to recover from this speedily enough. What really sent up a great outcry was the ghosting away of the children. As a father, I find this story very much distressing and sad. After all, what pain is there like the pain of losing both a child and a parent in the same terrifying night?

As unfortunate as this is, however, it's been a boon to our numbers. We've added a generation of healthy, eager young adults to our number. They all want to build... to forget that night, it seems. They don't want to talk to me very much about it at all. They just want to move on. That's very unusual. Most peoples will publicly grieve for those that they've lost. I've developed a theorem on the matter... rather, I believe that it's some kind of cultural difference between us and them.

Nevertheless, they've started building themselves places to stay and they've gotten about the business of producing more children. A lot of the older members of my people have sort of taken in these lost young ones and taught them in the way of our star. They seem a bit skeptical, but many of them have come around. They seem to appreciate the tranquility of our city, and they're very industrious and enthusiastic converts.

But I will lay my pen down for the day and pick up the hammer. There are many leaks in my old straw home and I've got to get to patching them soon.

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Unseen Stars V
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