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 The Everyday Life In Theden

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PostSubject: The Everyday Life In Theden   Sat Oct 01, 2011 3:02 pm

Natural Stroll
Allow your villagers to procreate, invite others, or increase village size from incoming settlers.
Requires: an RP of at least 500 words
Effect: Population addition = +x10% of Current Population on the 1st of every Month

Yuki lets out a soft sigh as he slowly shifts his gaze while glancing around his village. Spotting some villagers, Yuki offers a soft smile as he nods his head to them in a simple greeting as the do the same while walking past him to tend there business. As he moved down the street Yuki thought upon what needed to be done to the village to help the people, however he couldn't help but think of he had been told by some of the villagers. It appeared that people from other villages and even other settlers where coming to his village to live here. This was something the half-breed didn't expect but he welcomed it as long as the people where not a threat then he didn't have much of a problem with people coming to live in his village. Yuki was glad to hear that people where coming in from outside the village to become part of his village, he thought perhaps it where the merchants that went out or maybe some of the others, word of mouth spreads like fire and can draw people who wish for a change or just to see what is going on. Though not only had he heard of this but he had heard also of people that tend to come through the village on trips that sometimes decide to stay in the village and become part of the everyday life of the village. Another rather delighting bit of information Yuki had been told was that some of the couples in the village where finally having children. Though with all this news Yuki couldn't help but wonder if he should commission more housing to be built for the people since he didn't want there to be to few houses for all the villagers, no he would rather have more then needed rather then not have enough since there is always a way to fill an empty home with a family. As he moved down the street Yuki could already spot at least one or two new faces in the villages that are out taking care of business. As he spotted some of the people that had taken up residence in his village, Yuki moves closer to them before coming to a stop and getting there attention. Since he is the leader of the village he thought it would be best if he took a moment to get to know some of the people and perhaps all of the people that have decided to live in his village. So with this in mind he begins to speak some with the newcomers to get to know a little about them and find out what there needs are and let them know that they are safe here in his village. After taking some time to introduce himself and get to know about the newcomers and what they need Yuki bits them farewell and begins to move away from them as he goes back to his business.

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The Everyday Life In Theden
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