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 Unseen Stars IV [A]

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PostSubject: Unseen Stars IV [A]   Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:19 am

I resume my notes sometime after the scene before me has resolved itself into a sort of-- well, I'm not sure what to properly call what happened. Many men are now helping many of the young soldiers onto cots for medical treatment. It seems that the little rodents don't know their own strength. It seems that they had the discernment to use less-than-lethal shocks, but that was the only way they seem to have held back. I saw a few men having dreadful spasms, and a number who had burns that looked rather painful.

The rats that hurt the humans appear to be female. I'm not sure what it is about the females that make them more inclined to accidentally burn their partners than the males. Maybe they have a fiercer charge? Maybe they simply have fewer reserves about using the entirety of their power? It does not matter much to me, I suppose, except as a curiosity, but they were sobbing into their little paws and apologizing profusely for their lack of control. This was fine, though. The soldiers who were injured were allowed to rest and the spirits who had near-electrocuted them were allowed to go home to recover themselves emotionally. I have faith that our guardian army will become more efficient soon.

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Unseen Stars IV [A]
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