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 Sheltering the Innocence

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PostSubject: Sheltering the Innocence   Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:51 pm

Sheltering the Innocence

Lunara lets out a light sigh as she thinks over what Yuki has asked her to do. " He really wants me to go abroard and find people to come back to this place. " She asks herself as she slowly turns her gaze to look at the village Yuki had taken under his wing and begin to rebuild. " Oh well... " She murmurs as she continues to shift her gaze, " Not like I have anything else to do right now, I'm not sure where big brother is and I was hoping to see him. " She says with a soft frown. Though she had been tasked with going about and talking to people about Theden and seeing if they would like to join she wasn't sure if such a thing would work given the village is still being rebuilt and improved upon. Though she had been given the choice to stay in the village and help rebuild it which is something she knew she didn't want to do, at least not right now, physical labor of such measure was something she didn't see herself doing so she would rather go out to other villages and the like to find people to come back to Theden and take up residence. When he had came to her with his request at first Lunara had rejected him but given how long they had been together and how she felt she needed to do something to help out she had finally given into Yuki's request to go over sanctuary to others in his village, however she had made it clear to the half-breed that she was not going to simply walk around looking for people. No she had no intention in walking around, instead she had made it clear to Yuki that she wanted a mount to ride to carry her around and protect her on this journey. It was that simple request and a pouty face that got her the wolf mount she stood next to her, her hand slowly sliding through the beasts fur as she looks over it. It was one of Yuki's familiars that he calls upon, this she knew, but she also knew that it worked good as a mount since Yuki had used one before on different occasions to carry him around. Grumbling softly to herself Lunara slowly moves her hand through the wolf's fur, " Are you ready boy? " she asks the wolf as she smiles at the animal. The wolf looked at Lunara and let out a playful growl as it lightly pushed against her. A smile came to the females fast as the wolf pushed against her, " Perhaps after we finish with what Yuki needs me to do we can play alright? " She murmurs softly to the wolf as she leans against it while moving her hand through its fur still. The wolf gave a faint nod of its head as it lightly pushed against Lunara once again as she leaned against it. Finally Lunara pulled back from the wolf as it pushed against her once again, " Your right we should get going. " She says with a soft sigh as she begins to climb onto the back of the wolf, " I hope you know where we are going cause Yuki didn't say where he wanted me to go... " She says with a light grumble, " He wants something done but doesn't have any idea where I should go so he doesn't tell me. Stupid male.. " She grumbles lightly as she moves her hand through the wolf's fur once again now that she came to rest on top of the beast. " I guess if you are ready we can get going towards a settlement and hope that people wanna come here.. " Lunara says to the wolf as she lightly pats it on the head. The wolf begins to move now that it seemed Lunara was ready to go, pulling away from where it stood it heads away from the village and to the forest on its journey.

Well on her journey, Lunara hums lightly to herself which was something she had picked up from Yuki after spending so much time with him, she slowly shifts her gaze, glancing around the forest. The wolf mount she rest atop continued to move forwards its gaze shifting as well as it scans the forest in front of them in search of any sign of threats that may come forth. As the wolf moves along shifting its gaze while scanning the area in front of them it comes to a stop and hunches down some as it begins to growl. As the wolf comes to a stop and hunches down before it begins to growl, Lunara glances down at it before she lifts her gaze and glances around, " What's the matter boy? " She asks as she shifts her gaze wondering why the wolf had stopped. The wolf continues to growl as it gazes ahead of them. Coming along the path towards Lunara and the wolf she rides moves a group of people in a rather fast rush towards the two. Lunara spots the group of people rushing towards them and quickly climbs from the wolf. The wolf continues to growl as it gets ready to attck as the people draw closer. As the wolf grows more agitated and ready to strike Lunara reaches out and places her hand on the animals side, " Its ok. ". The group of people continued to move forwards at a rushed rate until they spot the wolf and female which bring them to a sudden stop as a man in the front draws a sword, " S-S-Stay back! " He yells at the two, holding the sword ready to defend himself and the others with him. " I-I'm not a-afraid if you bandit bastards! " Tehe man yells out again as he watches the two. The wolf begins to growl more in responce to the man as he draws the sword and as it growls at the man it gets ready to strike. Lunara frowns as she watches the man draw his sword and hell at them. With a soft sigh she lightly pats the wolf on the side as he begins to growl, " Calm down boy. " She murmurs softly to the wolf before turning her full attention to the man with the sword. " Please lower your sword sir. We mean you no harm. " Lunara says in a soft voice as she looks over at the male, " My friend here does not like having swords pointed at him and I would hate for him to kill needlessly and the innocent. " She says as she watches the man with the sword. The man wielding the sword listens to the female as she speaks, his gaze shifting between the two and as he listens to her he thinks for a moment that he should lower his sword but he doubts her words, " H-How do I know this isn't another one of your bandit tricks. " The man says as a woman moves forwards from the group behind him and places an arm on his as she looks to Lunara and the wolf, " Please we just want to pass, we are fleeing some bandits that attacked our group a ways back.. If we don't hurry they will catch up. " Just as the woman finished speaking a battle cry came from behind the group as an arrow flew through the air and struck the ground between Lunara and the group. As the arrow came to strike the ground Lunara took a step back as she moved more behind the wolf while the wolf continued to growl and clawed at the ground. " Shit they caught up with us already! " The man yells as he turns his attention behind the group, " Quick everyone get going. I'll hold them off here. " Following the command of the male the group begin to rush past Lunara and the wolf to try and escape the bandits. Following the behind the group of people was a small group of roughly four to five bandits. Lunara holds her ground next to the wolf as the people rush by them and as they do she looks to the small group of bandits and frowns faintly as she looks at them. Though she did not want to fight she thought that perhaps she would need to to defend these people and luckily she rested within Yuki's body at the moment so she could call upon his powers to fight.

The man held his ground as the bandits advanced towards him, his sword held at the ready as he watched them. The bandit with the bow draws back another arrow and takes aim at the man with the sword as he gets ready to fire. The wolf looks to the bandits and continues to growl as it steps forwards away from Lunara. As the wolf steps forwards away from her, Lunara huffs lightly, " I thought you were suppose to defend me? " she says to the wolf before turning her attention to the archer " Orb. " She murmurs lightly calling upon dark magic to form an orb of dark energy between her hands before she launches it at the archer. Before the archer can fire the arrow at the man he is struck by an orb of dark magic that slam into his chest causing him to let out a cry of pain as he is knocked to the ground. When the orb hits the man Lunara cheers, " Alright! One for girls. " She says happily. The other bandits see this happen and draw there weapons as the rush forwards, " Get the woman! " one of them yells to the others. The man with the sword held his ground as he held the sword in front of him ready to strike at one of the bandits. " Oh crap.. " Lunara says as she hears the bandits yell out to get her. The wolf dashes forwards from Lunara's side and rushes past the man before he pounces onto one of the bandits and begins to maw the man. Focusing on the other bandits Lunara begins to focus and gather magical energy once again " Hey there handsome. " She calls out to one of the bandits as she uses her charm to win him over. The bandit Lunara had charmed stops in his charge and turns on one of the other bandits and begins to attack him. After having one bandit deal with the other she turns her attention to the other two that still where alive, " Bits. " She murmurs softly and calls upon dark magic to form into one of Yukis other spells and begin to fire dark magic at one of the two bandits. The last bandit makes it to the man and the two clash swords before they begin to sword fight. Once the bandit had killed his friend he stabs the sword into his stomach before falling to the ground. Having finished off the bandit it had attacked the wolf turns its attention to the one Lunara was attacking with a spell and pounces onto it and finishes it off. Turning her attention to the last bandit Lunara directs the bit to strike it in the back and finish the bandit off swiftly. With the last of the bandits dead Lunara dusts her hands off and sighs lightly, " We won? " She asks as she looks to the wolf. The wolf lifts its head and looks to Lunara as it tilts its head to the side. The man sheaths his sword, " We cant stay here we need to go. " He says as he looks to Lunara. Lunara looks at the man and huffs lightly, " I have a job to do... I have come all the way out here looking for people looking for a home because my friend runs a village and I'm not going to stop until I find some people. " She says to the man, putting her foot down as she looks at him. The man looks at Lunara shocked for a brief moment before he begins moving towards her, " T-This is perfect. " He says with a faint nod as he moves over to her, " The gods truly smile upon us this day. " Lunara watches the man and takes a step back as he draws closer to her, his words scarring her a bit, " Uhh, what are you talking about? " She asks as she glances from the man and to the wolf for a moment. The man stops and looks at Lunara as she steps back before speaking, " The people I am fleeing with.. We escaped nights ago from a village that had been raided by bandits and now we are in search of a new home when the same bandits attacked us. " The man falls to his knees, " Please I'm begging you take us back to your village. We are honest people and known how to work for a living. " be pleads as he lowers his head. As she listnes to the man Lunara is a bit taken back and shocked, she hadn't expected to find people this fast but it seemed the fates smiled upon her to this day, though she remained a bit cautious about the whole thing. " Alright, get up and lets go before any more bandits come. " She says to the man before she gives the wolf the signal and begins to run after the group of people, the man following after her.


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Sheltering the Innocence
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