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 Mice or Men? II

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PostSubject: Mice or Men? II   Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:10 pm

The two males just watched as the hyena trotted off through the doors. They shut with a boom and a finality.

Lion-O folded his short arms, his head bowed in a grave expression. "I don't trust that hell-demon. He seemed wicked from the start. It was probably Lord Iskra's influence that kept him under control the first time we saw him."

Run scratched the back of his head. "Well, uhh... what exactly are we supposed to do about it? He's got an army of psychoes, and from the rumors I hear, he's no pushover himself. Probably on the level of Iskra. They killed the dragon together, remember?"

The rat stared blankly at the incubus. "No."

It was abundantly clear that the leader of the rat clan didn't get out nearly as much as Run did.

An awkward moment of silence passed before Run was struck with a great idea. "Ah! I can keep tabs on him pretty easily. I'm an incubus, after all. I fit in anywhere."

"I hope you're good at frothing at the mouth like you haven't a braincell in your head."

"That too! And while I'm away frothing and fitting in, you can be here training! Your people are fighters, right?"

"Hmm..." It was a complex issue. Thus far, the rats hadn't done much but continue to live as they'd always lived among the artifacts and ruins of the former Club Hype. "Well, we don't really consider ourselves part of... them... the humans I mean."

The incubus knelt down to bring himself closer to eye level with the yellow rodent. "Well, Lion-O, haven't you been eating much better than you have in the past? I mean, think about it. If Jack and his army from hell come through here, do you think it'd be easier to fight alongside the humans initially to defend this wonderful place we live in together, or do you think it'd be easier with fewer numbers? Think about it."

Lion-O broke eye contact, closing his eyes stubbornly and turning his head to the side. "We are a proud people. We will defend our home as we always have... without help and not interfering in the fights of others."

"But think... really think..." the incubus continued to implore. "Don't you owe your goddess that much, at least? She'd be really hurt if anything happened to her people, and she hasn't asked you to help with anything in the past..."

At this, the rat elder seemed to have a softening of the heart. His eyes opened and his eyes met those of the seducer. "You are right on that matter. I will talk to my warriors. Nothing in hell or heaven or Terra will keep us from repaying a kindness."

Run retreated back to his normal, standing stance. "Wonderful!" he chirped. "I have to go pack my bags, then. Thank you for everything! You won't regret helping, I promise!"

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Mice or Men? II
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