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PostSubject: Homecoming   Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:18 pm

Iskra yawned and stretched in the morning sunlight.

Truth be told, during that whole ordeal with the fog, she'd fallen clear to sleep. Her memory was hazy concerning the surrounding events, but she recalled vaguely that she initially planned to go out with Alicia to find a way out of the fog before telling her to scout ahead instead. The leucrotta had returned to her fashioned shelter and sealed the entrance, laying down on the motley, mossy grass ground and preparing for a snooze.

The doorway, made of a weaker sort of ice, melted away cleanly in the sunshine of the morning, and the beast was a bit more than disoriented. The danger in the sky, whatever it had been, dissolved awhile ago, leaving her with only the sunshine filtering through the trees optimistically. Fat, fluffy clouds moved lazily through the sky, as though sugar could be suspended in the atmosphere.

Yet, Iskra was left with a strange dream. A past world? A blackhearted fiend? The vengeful souls of those lost in the passover?

"The... passover..." she murmured aloud to herself as her blue eyes cracked open. Her gaze drifted down until they came to her paws. They were so cunningly crafted. A mere thought curled the bones in on themselves with more accuracy and grace than the most advanced human machinery. The pads were calloused, adjusting to her lifestyle since her birth. Her claws were blunted for traction when chasing prey. The smallest of ants crawled up the fur of her toe: the tiny, cunning blanket gifted to her by her creator. The beautiful spots that danced along her body like beauty itself marked her kind.

What if she had never been? What if she had been born as one of those lurching souls under the old man's command? What if she'd been as a weak human, with little strength and weak cunning amid the great spirits and forces of the trifold realm?

Surely Paike favored her soul.

With a yawn, she lifted her head to search briefly for the others.

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