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PostSubject: [Opt Out] zenomori   Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:04 pm

1) How were humans birthed into existence?
answer: The first and second Hogasha fell in love. It was forbidden for them to do so and they fled and hid. They where stripped of their powahs and had a lot of babies.

2) What was the name of the man said to have birthed 100 children that populated the ancient world?
answer: Gen Sai.

3) What happened to the “ancient world”?
answer: Dem, the Hogasha of Onitosh unsealed the Book of Creation and caused a "Great Catastrophe" across all realms.

4) What are the names of all three realms?
answer: Koutaku-Shi/Caelestis Regnum, Onitoshi/Barathrum Regnum, Yochi/Terra Regnum

5) How do you get from one realm to another?
answer: The Heavenly realm is only accessible from Terra Regnum. In order to reach it, an entity will have to ascend 50 km to reach the open Heaven's Gates. In order to leave it, one wouldhave to descend said 50 km. Unexplained isles of broken pieces of heaven float at varying altitudes below it, starting at 20 km. These can be used as resting areas in flight. These pieces of Heaven are generally sparse very small, consisting of enchanted stone and clouds, but are normally no larger than a full sized house.

6) What is your character's Soul Level (SL) based on?
answer: A character's Soul Level determines how potentially strong that character is. Soul Levels have two values. The first is the numeric value (1-100) and the second is the Augmented Experience Value. Generally a character's "level" is the first value of the SL Level.

7) Where the hell is the stamina chart? (Link)
answer: --> Site Mechanics --> Under Control Levels

8)How do you purchase things on this site? (Hint: explain bartering by site terms)
answer: I will trade you x item with this value for this item of about x equal value.

Purchase/Bartering items:
Rarity Average Value;
Very Common 2
Common 10
Uncommon 25
Rare 50
Very Rare 75
Exceptionally Rare 100
Priceless 1000

9) What happens if you die?
answer: If a character dies then either a new character can be made or the current character can be re-invoked somehow based on storyline. You can use your spirit to possess another member character in order to combine your EXP\TEXP with theirs, but this will be like giving your character away.

All in: --> Site Mechanics --> Dying!

10) What element is strong against fire? Ice? How about Earth?
answer: Earth > Lightning > Water > Fire > ice > Wind > Earth(repeat)
Light =/∞ Darkness (until someone gains the power to divide zero)
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PostSubject: Re: [Opt Out] zenomori   Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:25 am

10 Answers + Battle Section – Free tech package + Tech (Stg1)
u pass
you can create ur charrie, post and whatnot

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[Opt Out] zenomori
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