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 The Adventure of Kess and Co.

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PostSubject: The Adventure of Kess and Co.   Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:24 pm

The forest was unusually quiet this evening- lacking everything from the shrill cries of the sparrows to the light scratching of the insects. A small frown came to Kess' lips as he stood to scratch his head. He had no idea what had happened here- but it simply felt wrong, like he had to check over his shoulder every few moments. Lias and Reynault were just as stumped as he- and just as uneasy. Even Gaarm, whom Kess had only seen regard things with lazy, steady dislike seemed to be disturbed by the state of the forest- his hair constantly on end and treading carefully whereever he walked.

"Not finding anything here, guys. We should see about getting some sort of medium or something here- as I get the feeling that foul sorcery has been played on this land."

Lias scoffed at this, kicking at the underbrush with his shoddy boots. "An' wot made you the leader 'ere, Kess? Just coz the Cap'n is gone doesn't mean we 'ave to listen to you. An' wot makes you think that it's sorceries that made this place the way it is? Just coz we 'aven't found any physical evidence, doesn't mean there isn't any."

Kess reached up and rubbed the bridge of his nose while shaking his head. Lias, it seemed, had a problem with any level of authority that couldn't beat him in a fight. Alicia had given Kess specific instructions to keep Reynault and Lias in line (and to make sure Gaarm didn't go about terrifying the locals)- and he had been doing his best to do so. It was fairly easy to appease Reynault- whom Kess had come to believe to be a simpleton- but Lias had fought him for leadership every step of the way. Not that the thickly accented youth had bad ideas or arguments- but he could be less... argumentative about everything. Kess knew full well that Lias also knew that dark magics could be the only explaination for the disappearance of ALL life from the forest- but he'd still argue it to the death until he was proven wrong.

"Well," Kess began as he walked away, "You and Reynault can stay here and continue looking for physical evidence- Gaarm and I are going to head into town to see if we've had any visitors with any knowledge of sensory magics."

A hand was raised and Lias nearly protested Kess' decisions again before the gigantic wolf-dog came up behind him and placed a sizable paw on the former mercenary's back, knocking him over. A small grin came to Kess' features as the great beast padded it's way lazily over to him.

At least Gaarm wouldn't take Lias' shit.

"Right then, we'll be back in about an hour or so. Try not to die terribly before we can get back- having to explain your bloodied corpses to the Lady Knight upon her return would be rather difficult."

After spitting out a few rotted leaves, Lias stood and dusted himself off, frowning and looking much less antagonistic. "Kess- it's been weeks now with no word. The Cap'n may not even be comin' back."

Kess stopped, looking over his shoulder at the other man.

"She'll be back. Lady Alicia isn't exactly the type to die very easily."

"Yeah- and she's not the type to disappear for long periods of time either, mate."

Touche, salesman... Kess thought to himself as he turned back away from Lias and continued walking toward the town. Reynault walked up next to the accented former mercenary and waved to the boy and the sizable dog before going to pick his nose again.

Lias shook his head. At least the dullard could use a sword and a bow well, and nothing bad could be said as to how well he followed orders.

"Arrite then, Reynault. We've got some work to do. Stay close an' try not to poke anything that looks like it could kill you."

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The Adventure of Kess and Co.
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