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 Dawn of Radiance at a Glance

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PostSubject: Dawn of Radiance at a Glance   Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:10 pm

History wrote:
Originally, the Watchers existed. When time began, they created two opposite beings that balanced each other out: evil spirits of mischief that they placed in the Southern Heavens/Onitoshi and good, benevolent spirits that they placed in the Northern Heavens/Koutaku-shi. The barrier between these two realms was a material realm/Yochi.

, the strongest of each class, were cursed to guard the gates of each heaven and prevent intermixing of the classes, but they were blessed with the power of Matter. They'd be cyclically replaced after several eons.

The first two Hogashas (Epion and Henic of the Northern and Southern heavens respectively) fought on Yochi. To clean up, Epion invented rain, which brought plants into existence.
The second two Hogashas were challenged by Epion. To clean up after defeating the 2nd Hogasha of Koutaku-shi, Epion made it rain again, which brought beasts into existence.

The second Hogasha of Onitoshi (a female named Kayla) began the world's first romance when she seduced Epion. It resulted in the world's first tragedy when they abandoned their duties to run away together and live on Yochi. The Watchers disapproved and punished them.
They lost their immortality and became the ancestors of the human race.
The Watchers stopped interfering in their creation and disappeared from the realms.

The human race grew in number and spread out over Yochi, forming villages and sects. Gen Sai, who sired 100 offspring, created a vast settlement on the coast of the Endless Sea named Sai Village. This settlement grew into a city (Sai City). Yochi's history became lost and humans began to develop more and more advanced technology.

Meanwhile, a talented Hogasha named Dem was appointed over Onitoshi, but he abandoned his post after performing flawlessly for eons, allowing spirits to mix with life on Yochi. He attempted to gain the power of the Watchers by stealing the Book of Creation from Koutaku-shi. This resulted in all souls in existence being absorbed into the book and the destruction of both Heaven and Yochi.

The Watchers chose to renew life by reviving a fraction of those who had lost their souls, an event known as The Dawn.

Storyline wrote:
Nobody remembers anything before the Dawn, which was 20 years ago.
Yochi is now known as Terra Regnum. Its inhabitants are both spirits and humans.
There's a distant and broken entrance to Heaven among the clouds and is visible when the sky is clear.
There's many celestial bodies in the sky (e.g. spacedust, planets, stars, etc.).

There's relics from the past age all over the place (e.g. large ruins, mechanical objects, paved roads, etc. Think post-apocalyptic)
Nobody understands anything that was written in the language of the past age.

The world is very low-tech and wild.
There's no system of money, so people trade/barter.
There are endless opportunities for a new future

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Mystic Elder

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PostSubject: Re: Dawn of Radiance at a Glance   Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:00 pm

Terra Regnum wrote:
> Humans like kamikonjou and call them "spirits".
> Humans are generally prejudiced against onikonjou.
> Religions are generally based on The Dawn
> Few organized governments
> Relationships between spirits and humans are relatively common
> People understand what magic is, but generally can't use it unless they are kami
> There are mystic beasts roaming who are on par with humans and spirits

Points of Interest (West to East)
> Sunnveil: An area protected and populated by intelligent mystic beasts.
> Bastion: Home of the Dark Castle and a powerful Onikonjou by the name of Prophet. Heavily guarded
> Village of the Moon: Hidden in the forest, this settlement has talented weaponsmiths (samurai style) and a temple with an underground labyrinth.
> Diabolus Lake: The gate to Barathrum Regnum is at the bottom of this lake. There's a high spiritual density in the area.
> Village of the Sun: A walled village full of magical warriors, this development boasts the forest's largest temple.
> Village of the Earth: A settlement full of farmers. Protected by a large wooden wall.
> Medius: A vast region with many subdivisions.
:: > Core District: Contains ruins of skyscrapers and roads. Separated into "inner" and "outer" regions by a highway. Humans avoid region because it's full of malevolent spirits.
:: > Vilis: Ruins of slums. Contains jungles and a lot of plant life fused with the buildings. Mostly humans live here.
:: > Rockland: Consists of ruins of mansions and nice houses populated by close-knit tribes of humans
:: > The Abyss: Area featuring a tremendous hole in the ground that descends indefinitely. Dark energy swirls inside of this hole.
> Mare Maris: Contains the largest and most stable population in all of Terra Regnum. Ruled by a kamikonjou queen.
:: > The Jeweled Isles: Very pretty islands
:: > Bazaar: The largest open market in Terra Regnum. Features a lot of colorful tents and a gem/shell-based barter system.
:: > Wharf: All the boats in the world basically dock here
:: > The Palace: A large, white structure that the queen resides in
> Latito: An isolated inland island. Features ancient temples and old factories. Locals know each other well here.
> The Land of the Desert Tribes
:: > Rajeh: Largest village in the region. Home of the Exhaled Desert Tribes
:: > Melrah: A bandit's den. The tribe here struggles for power with the 2 other desert tribes.
:: > Labrum: Home of the second-to-largest desert clan. Atop a cliff that overlooks the sea

Note: The next two realms are abbreviated because they aren't visited much. For more information, simply visit the main content site

Barathrum Regnum wrote:
> Exists in true chaos
> Strongest survive; weak are forced into hiding or eaten by the stronger ones
> Very comfortable for onikonjou
> Subterranean
> Filled with a reddish mist or aura
> Ghosts float around in the form of symbols
> Hard, rocky ground
> The River of Fire and Corpses flows from an area near the gate
> No real organization of rule

Points of Interest
> Odorus: Urbanized portion of Hell. Highest population and activity level. Features ruined penthouses, clubs, casinos, etc.
> Externus: Rural portion of Hell. Less social spirits live here. Mostly forests and open spaces without end.

Caelestis Regnum wrote:
> Populated by mostly kamikonjou
> Clean and orderly
> No formal organizations due to lack of outside threats
> Gate is 50 kilometers above Terra Regnum

Points of Interest
> Lucidus: Large, shining, radiant city of angels. Kamikonjou here can sense evil and seek to repel it.
> Equus: Outer region of Caelestis Regnum. Small population. Mostly large, perfectly safe meadows, forests, and open lands without end. Features huts, gardens, and orchards of ambrosia and heavenly fruit.

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Mystic Elder

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PostSubject: Re: Dawn of Radiance at a Glance   Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:10 pm

Coming Tomorrow! Site Systems At A Glance...

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PostSubject: Re: Dawn of Radiance at a Glance   

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Dawn of Radiance at a Glance
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