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 [Opt Out] Test time for Ilyia!

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PostSubject: [Opt Out] Test time for Ilyia!   Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:13 pm

. OOC .
1) How were humans birthed into existence?
Epion and Kayla were stripped of their immortality because they eloped. They became the first Humans
2) What was the name of the man said to have birthed 100 children that populated the ancient world?
Gen Sai
3) What happened to the “ancient world”?
It was destroyed when Dem opened the Book of Creation, causing a great catastrophe spanning the three realms. All souls were lost to the Great Power as well
4) What are the names of all three realms?
Koutaku-Shi (Caelestis Regnum), Yochi (Terra Regnum), Onitoshi (Barathrum Regnum)
5) How do you get from one realm to another?
Caelestis Regnum and Barathrum Regnum can both only be accessed through Terra Regnum. Terra Regnum can be accessed by Caelestis Regnum via ascending to the Heaven's Gates 50km above the earth. Barathrum Regnum can be accessed via travek to the abyss and then through 20 km of labyrinth and then by passing Hell's Gates
6) What is your character's Soul Level (SL) based on?
It is based on how many technique packages, transformations and Technique skill level... I think >_>;
7) Where the hell is the stamina chart? (Link)
I can't post links x-x
How do you purchase things on this site? (Hint: explain bartering by site terms)
All items in the bartering system have a different value. Items span from "Very Common" to "Priceless" with varying values being attached to each subsequent rank of item. In order, the ranks are Very Common (2), Common (10), Uncommon (25), Rare (50), Very Rare (75), Exceptionally Rare (100) and Priceless (1000). Items you are trading should equal the value of the item you are trading for. (You would use two Uncommon items to trade for one Rare item)
9) What happens if you die?
If your character dies his/her physical body is destroyed. Their spirit still technically exists and can either be reinvoked or combined with another character, granting them your EXP/TEXP, but doing so is essentially giving away your character. You can bring back your character by performing an RP, adjusting your character bio and storyline (you lose all memories and you convert your TEXP to EXP and add it to your bin EXP), Deleting all techs, transformations and quest abilities and by removing possessions stolen by the person that killed you from your bio. You can regain your memories by completing a quest.
Or you can make a new bio and convert your TEXP to EXP and add it to your previous character's bin EXP, thus calculating your new character's EXP.
10) What element is strong against fire? Ice? How about Earth?
Water is strong to Fire, Fire is strong to Ice and Earth is weak to Wind.

. IC .
11) What does your character remember from 21 years ago?
Nothing I think. She is mentally 20 years of age. I see what you did there you slick dog
12) Briefly describe (a sentence) the world that your character is set in.
The old era where there is no advance technology, people live in huts, and demons roam the earth.
13) What is The Dawn from your character's perspective?
The Dawn from Ilyia's prospective would be just an event that occured 20 years ago. Being an assistant she dont pay any mind into the specifics
14) How does your character earn a living? (i.e. get things to make purchases with)
She's an Assistant within the palace of Mare Maris, though she don't make enough to live even a decent life.
15) You are looking at an electric fence with a warning size (no symbol) written in ancient text from the old world that says “danger.” How do you respond?
Just continue walking. She won't attempt to jump the gate unless she see something remotely interesting on the other side.

. Battle .
Objective 1: Your character is punched in the FACE by a Stage 2 technique (Punch!) How much damage do you take? (post your Stats, pls)
Average Def (1) - Strong Attack (2) (Zeta Technique) = 37.5

Strength: Average [+0.0]
Intelligence: Average [+0.0]
Defense: Average [+0.0]
Aegis: Average [+0.0]
Movement: Average [+0.0]
Dexterity: Average [+0.0]

Objective 2: You punch a character with average attributes and a Stage 1 punch in the chest. He braces for the punch (Hint: 100% def stat used). How much damage does he take? (Post your stats, pls)
Average Strength (1) - Average Defense (1) (Zeta Attack) = 5

Strength: Average [+0.0]
Intelligence: Average [+0.0]
Defense: Average [+0.0]
Aegis: Average [+0.0]
Movement: Average [+0.0]
Dexterity: Average [+0.0]
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PostSubject: Re: [Opt Out] Test time for Ilyia!   Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:23 pm

This looks good, a PM has been sent to the site manager to set your proper access; you should be able to collect the opt out rewards and post some time soon.

"I am the Solution."
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PostSubject: Re: [Opt Out] Test time for Ilyia!   Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:11 am

yo big T, you're good to go
lemme kno if you need anything

- The Big Cheese -
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PostSubject: Re: [Opt Out] Test time for Ilyia!   

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[Opt Out] Test time for Ilyia!
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