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 [Opt Out] Chores, Chores, and More Chores..

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PostSubject: [Opt Out] Chores, Chores, and More Chores..   Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:07 pm

. OOC .
1) How were humans birthed into existence?
Kayla and Epion were once the Hogasha of there respective realms. But fell in love. The Watchers forbid this union, forcing the two to flee to earth, but as punishment The Watchers stripped away their powers and made them mortal. They were the first humans and with time their children flourished over the land. (My, my. How romantic. If only love was so pure and honest.)

2) What was the name of the man said to have birthed 100 children that populated the ancient world?
Gen Sai, who also had a city named after him. (Now I'm wondering how he managed to get the feat done, what a gentlemen he was... lucky son of a-)

3) What happened to the “ancient world”?
The Book of Creation left it barren after a long battle between Bleaus, Merkus
and Dem. Dem broke into heaven "Koutakushi" to steal the Book of Creation. Combined with it and become a god. Bleaus and Merkus combined and sealed him away for 1000 years. A long time, considered what he did was kind of, y'know, bad.

4) What are the names of all three realms?
Terra, Caelestis, Barathrum. One's nice and pretty, one is sinful and exciting, and one is.. normal.

5) How do you get from one realm to another?
There are gates on Terra that go to Caelestis and Barathrum.

Barathrum Access
This realm is only accessible from Terra Regnum. Since there is no magical portal to hell, in order to leave, one must go through Hell's Gates and traverse 20 km of labyrinth/caverns to reach it's entry point in Terra at the base of Diabolus Lake or ascend the same height via The Abyss. Entry to hell is performed the same way but in reverse. (And it's kind of a chore, y'know?)

Caelestis Access
The Heavenly realm is only accessible from Terra Regnum. In order to reach it, an entity will have to ascend 50 km to reach the open Heaven's Gates. In order to leave it, one wouldhave to descend said 50 km. Unexplained isles of broken pieces of heaven float at varying altitudes below it, starting at 20 km. These can be used as resting areas in flight. These pieces of Heaven are generally sparse very small, consisting of enchanted stone and clouds, but are normally no larger than a full sized house. (So much hard work for the average man..)

6) What is your character's Soul Level (SL) based on?
The number of tech packages, transformations, and the number of techs themselves by stage and rank.

7) Where the hell is the stamina chart? (Link)
http: //dor . . html (Won't let me post external links.)

How do you purchase things on this site? (Hint: explain bartering by site terms)
You offer an item or service to "shop npcs" in order to get what you need. Services and items have a generic rarity assigned to them, and the more rare something is the more value it has. There's a nifty table for this on the site mechanics page. Also, you have a barter skill that can lower the cost or increase the value of something you have, depending on how honed it is.

9) What happens if you die?
You lose all memories, lose all your acquired techs and what-not, and items if someone takes them. Your TEXP and EXP get converted into a bin. Oh, and you can also just make a new character with said bin. Actually, I'll just c/p the rules themselves too for if you're keeping the same character:

» Your character looses all memories (a memory unlocker will be needed to get them back). Say hi to amnesia for me.
» Convert your TEXP to EXP. Add that value with your Bin EXP and Augmented Experience Value (from your Soul Level). This now becomes your character post death Bin EXP.
» Delete ALL previous techs, transformations, and quest abilities.
» If you got jacked by the person who killed you, remove the stolen possessions from your bio.

10) What element is strong against fire? Ice? How about Earth?
Ice is strong against fire.
Wind is strong against earth.

. IC .
11) What does your character remember from 21 years ago?
He wasn't even born yet, so nothing. Even if he had been born, he still wouldn't remember anything because there wasn't anything aliiiiive.

12) Briefly describe the world that your character is set in.
The leftovers from a previous civilization, a complete mystery. The people do not know how the remnant machines or mechanisms work, and live a relatively wild and primitive life. There is no set system of money, and everything is valued through a barter system; item for item or services for item. The people are new to the land and are just beginning to discover it. Most of the world is independant of governments or organizations, and people fight for survival with and amongst one another. Which can lead to crazy scuffles and occasional deaths over nifty, unimportant things.

13) What is The Dawn from your character's perspective?
He was taught by his family and friends that it was simply just when time started. When life started.

14) How does your character earn a living? (i.e. get things to make purchases with)
He's still very much a young adult, runs a small shop with a few friends.

15) You are looking at an electric fence with a warning size (no symbol) written in ancient text from the old world that says “danger.” How do you respond?
Seeing as how he'd never seen anything like that before, he'd examine it intently. The hypothetical loud colors of the sign would give him an odd uneasy feeling about it, and he'd probably use something other than his bare skin to touch it. His gut instinct would probably recognize that something is wrong, though he might just end up eventually poking the thing, because his curiousity goes very much unsavory much of the time. Or he'd probably throw an object, to see what happens.

. Battle .
Objective 1: Your character is punched in the FACE by a Stage 2 technique (Punch!) How much damage do you take? (post your Stats, pls)
3 vs. 2 | No guard | Zeta roll | 50 damage

Objective 2: You punch a character with average attributes and a Stage 1 punch in the chest. He braces for the punch (Hint: 100% def stat used). How much damage does he take? (Post your stats, pls)
2 vs 2 | Guard | Zeta roll | 5 damage
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PostSubject: Re: [Opt Out] Chores, Chores, and More Chores..   Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:07 am

you pass
get yo stuff and progress to the bio & RP boards

- The Big Cheese -
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[Opt Out] Chores, Chores, and More Chores..
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