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PostSubject: Multiply   Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:16 am

Our new home has been growing magnificently. I know family members of mine have been moving in, even ones from some of the larger villages. I had three nephews from the Village of the Moon move in, and they're going to be excellent builders. I myself took part in the project to help construct a new place of learning to train others in the way of construction. They're beginning to get the hang of things. For now, we build everything out of cheap local materials: straw, mud, and small branches. Once we have a bigger workforce, however, it will be efficient for us to scavenge stone. I suspect that this will be important in the future, as I have heard rumors.

They're small rumors, really, but the evidence for their truth cannot be denied. Every now and then I hear... screams. Horrible screams. There are some women and men who aren't from our village and aren't treated kindly by our ruling queen. Her reasons for treating us different from them are anyone's guess, but they do contribute positively to our numbers. When we meet them, we try to be kind to them, but many of them have the soul missing from their eyes.

Then there's the matter of Lord Lethe, king of the Nogatii tribes of the North. He has a city, and it has been said frequently that some of those who are trained in the ways of building will be sent up there to help our village's alliance with them. This is understandable in a way, but I hope that none of our rulers find the cruelty in their hearts to break up families.

The construction for the new brothels are coming along nicely, and tourists have begun coming in to... well, do what people do in brothels. I'm more of a family man and a scrollworm, so such places have never really been my thing. I would not fault anyone else for doing such a thing, simply because it benefits me in the long run for us to have a lot of citizenry of all walks of life. If anything, the sort who risk their health on used women are the same kind who would go to war to rape and pillage an opposing village. From what I've seen, our only protection comes from the Nogatii chieftain and his forces. I would personally be more comfortable with the arrangement if his kingdom weren't so far away. Surely the eagle cannot remain at his nest at all times. Thus, it goes without saying that we will require native forces of our own, even as we send our economic resources north to build infrastructure.

But I am merely a humble observer. I do not wish to change any of these things. I simply hope that this place becomes a comfortable, thriving place of opportunity for my children and will work within my own means to help Rasvamaal towards that end.
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