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 First Choice.

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PostSubject: First Choice.    Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:55 am

gin our training. Knights have honour. A code of conduct. Rules. And as powerfull and skilled as they are. They are fools. We Remnants are dead men. And dead men have no honour. No pride. We are but corpses with swords and shields. Skins of armour. Our mentality. Our code. This was probably my first example of my own showing of this coe. Sometimes the things we have to do as Remnants haunts us forever. Sometimes we never let go of those scars. As dead men. Scars on our bodies never matter. But the scars on our souls. Those never go away. There was a call in the city after my offer from the merchant had been rejected. A call by the guard. Suspicious activity within a building. They had sent one of their own to investigate and he had emerged mangled and torn. Immediately after hearing this, I knew it was a spirit. Or something vile and spirit born. The remnants hadn’t been informed yet. And there was a family still inside the building, however apparently still alive at the bequest of the actions in dealing with this..little did I know the effects they would have”.

Weapon less, he pushed inwards. Things like this had to be done. Belmont had after all faced a spirit before without a weapon and had killed. So going in like this was not of danger to him. He had survived worse. And clearly had more nerve than the men standing outside. If this family was to be saved from the demons influence then things would likely far worse. At least for them. He couldn’t place his finger on it but there was something about this place that felt ultimately off, Belmont had to think that it was probably the presence of the spirit corrupting things such evil creatures did things like that. House, mind, body. Soul. All things it touched wapred and twisted. So he prayed that this family had not been touched far to greatly. Otherwise. There was going to be a difficult decision that would need to be made. And he would not look forward to making such a decision. But ultimately it would be one that had to be made. By him or by someone with not enough nerve to do so. And in the end that could be more of a danger than anything else.

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First Choice.
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