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 Updating TEXP

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PostSubject: Updating TEXP   Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:10 pm

Everyone may not all know this, but if you're looking to swiftly update your TEXP, there's a forum function you can use to do it. To get to the page you want, you can:

1) Go to your Profile
2) Go to the Statistics tab
3) Click "Find all messages posted by Your Name"

The link will be[Your Name]

You can bookmark this in most browsers with Ctrl+D and it will show your last ~350 posts. Mine shows 8 pages of posts spanning back to June; the more OOC you post the less useful this will be when locating posts older than a month. From here, you can easily see the date where you posted something as well as the hyperlinks that take you directly to the post. You can right click these links, Copy Link Location, and paste the links in a word processor such as notepad. After organizing your links with the dates, you can post TEXP updates.

Another useful link is: that comes in handy when replying to posts when you have multiple threads running.

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Updating TEXP
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