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 Kurix 'Noodle'Shiro-yami

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PostSubject: Kurix 'Noodle'Shiro-yami    Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:00 am


Name: Kurix "Noodle" Shiro-yami
Description: 'Noodle' is a young boy with an athletic build and a milky walnut tan skin complexion. He stands at 4'7'' and weighs about 83 pounds. His eyes are silver but he never has his eyes opened wide enough for people to see. He has midnight blue colored hair that falls to the top of his shoulders and is always kept straight. Kurix aka 'Noodle' wears simple, unique, outfits that he customizes himself every time he hits a new location. But his outfit of choice is the one he last saw his mother in. This outfit consist of a blue graphic tee-shirt, cargo shorts with a pair of black on black Chuck Taylors. He wears 5 different necklaces all worn by members of his family, one being his fathers dog tag, and the gold skull his older brother. And from his mother he received her guitar which has the name Kuro, and her skull faced hat which he never takes off.

Base Race: Human
Sub Race: Hyrbid
Affinity: Gravity

» Themes:


Default Location: Village of the Moon

Battle Record

Wins: 0
- Opponent
Kills: 0
- Opponent
Losses: 0
- Opponent
Draws: 0
- Opponent


Affiliation: N/A
Life Path: Celebrity
Job: Street Performer
» Class: Low (1)
» Pay: Very Common
housing: Shack
transportation: Longboard


Barter Items
- 00: Very Common
- 00: Common
- 00: Uncommon
- 00: Rare
- 00: Very Rare
- 00: Exceptionally Rare
- 00: Priceless

- None

- None

Level (SL): 0 [ 0 / 200,000 ]

EXP: 0

JC: 0
PWC: 0 (Path)

pSP: 0
mSP: 0

Health: 100%
Stamina: 100%


Strength: Average [+0.0]
Intelligence: Average [+0.0]
Defense: Average [+0.0]
Aegis: Average [+0.0]
Movement: Average [+0.0]
Dexterity: Average [+0.0]

Slot 1: N/A
- (Description)
Slot 2: N/A
- (Description)
Slot 3: N/A
- (Description)
Slot 4: N/A
- (Description)

Special Abilities
- Barter [Novice]

Quest and Saga Abilities

(Quest or Saga Name)
- N/A

Physical Techs
(Package Name | Boosted mSP value)

Magical Techs
(Package Name | Boosted pSP value)
- ::Gravity::




Quests Completed

Character Notes
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Kurix 'Noodle'Shiro-yami
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