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 Heart of Rage Part 2 [Land Claim]

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PostSubject: Heart of Rage Part 2 [Land Claim]   Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:03 pm

" Psyche demons for the most part are a generally reclusive lot. However oddly seem to be the most community orientated of all demonic types. Their unity within one element seems to be that binding connection. Like something in the blood. However whilst these demons do in act a sort of pack mentality its unknown as to whether or not they are actually bound to stick by it. Where their family and subtype of demonic force does bring them together the very nature of the oni in themselves actually drives them apart. Oni are by nature, destructive. Menacing. This part of them directly counters any legitimacy of family ties. Their natures conflicting. Psyche demons appear overall to be creatures of chaos. Driven to aid and destroy one another at the same time. Bred to kill. But brought to help. Blood hounds. The type of demon this idea most embodies however seems to be the demons of rage These creatures tend to attack all races of demon kind. And yet when it comes to their own they seem almost peaceful Working in a tribal community. How this works. Is anyones guess. ".

- Commentaries on the Solomon’s Key.

Things were beginning to get...suspicious. Not of Jonah, Jack already had his own private thoughts ticking away on the back burner about that mans true intentions. But about the sheer lack of security. Or at least. Competent security. They both knew that the leader of rage was here. Ever since entering the tower Jack had felt that burning sensation on the taint in his blood. Where it burned lightly with the weaker demons. With the stronger. Like the leaders of each clan i was more like something intense. Not painful. But still there, so present. The only way to describe it was like a bright light in part of your vision. Which it doesn't necessarily hurt you, or block out your view of everything else. Its the elephant in the room. Hard to ignore. So the leader was here and yet he kept very little security around. Which to Jack and to Jonah meant. One of two things, either this leader was extremely confident in his own abilities. Leaving the least of his men to do the guarding. Admittedly this was an interesting political move. By showing that he didn't need his best to defend him or indeed her they were showing that they could deal with any threat on their own. Sending out a message of dominance to the remaining members of the clan. However there was a second meaning that would play along as well with the idea of rage demons being rage demons. That the leader had gotten tired of the invasions on their land, and rather than keep the best reserve guard back as one would usually do. S/he had sent in their forces at full strength. including what would usually be their personal security. Jack knew that Jonah was considering this option too. The change in his stance, the slight glint of worry in his eyes. The wrinkles more apparent on his face. Stress and worry. Causing muscles to tense and skin to sag. Interesting. As much as Jonah may have been scanning him for weakness. The leader of fear was all too easy to read when it came to his own. " I know what you are thinking". Said Jack to Jonah. His face more serious. Stony. " But iot doesn't matter if our people are going to be hide by this wave of new strength, if we don't defeat this leader.

Then it will continue". Jonah stopped dead in his tracks at that point. Turning over to Jack and staring at him with a rather uncharacteristically angry glare. "I'm aware of that Jack, but even if I am...I think what if we're wrong? What if the rage demons decide to attack in a suicidal wave of revenge instead of follow us? The end result would only mean more losses on our side. I don't like thinking about that eventuality, but I've always learned toe expect the worst of things.". He grunted. " And this worst case scenario is far too much for me". And there it was, the weakness laid bare for all to see. The usual clam. Calculated demon now brought to his knees by a situation in which he could lose his wife and for no good gain. Jack however didn't see it that way. Admittedly yes, he could lose the forces of both Sloth and Fear under a new found attack from Rage, that’s if the light security meant that the best soldiers had been sent off to face the distraction force. But then. Thats precisely what the distraction force was meant to do. Draw away enemies to make this infiltration easier. Whilst Jack had his own doubts concerning his abilities. He knew that it was going to be a true test of his power to face the Glutton. And he needed to prove that power to both himself. And everyone under his command.

" Fine".

Said Jack calmly. " Go ahead. You move quickly. Using your magic I'm sure you can make it back to the defenders in time to make a difference against the next wave of demonic forces that they'll be facing off against. I'll continue onwards and kill the leader of rage myself as was originally planned. ". Jonah had a look of what appeared to be...shame? On his face? It was what Jack had wanted. As of now he had placed his dominance over Jonah. The man had let himself give into his emotional weaknesses, where Jack had been placed in the position of being the stronger leader. More wiling to make sacrifices for the good of the cause. Ultimately. This was an act that would make a main difference in Jacks push. " Very well". Said the leader of fear. Touching a hand to Jacks shoulder. Before disappearing into the wind. Jack then continued onwards. The central chamber which was no doubt the throne room. Was close. He and Jonah had been climbing the tower. Soon. They would reach the centre top. Soon. He would stare out over the wasteland. And do battle with rage.

EXP: 1140
Word Count: 1038/1000

[Land Grabbed!]
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Heart of Rage Part 2 [Land Claim]
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