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 Under New Management Part 8 [Land Claim]

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PostSubject: Under New Management Part 8 [Land Claim]   Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:47 am

Considering the natural mechanics of things, Hell was never really much worth conquering in the first place. Yet, Jack continued to do so at an almost frightening pace. His latest vventures went towards the almost civil warr with the demons of rage, those who he sought to both recruit and subjigate at the same time. It was not going to be an easy task by any means. Together with fear and sloth he’d waged a war with them, pushing deeper into their lands as their confused and unfocused warriors threw themselves upon his forces like meat into the grinder. It was both glorious. And. Worrying. They had killed so many of these creatures. So. How many would be left when it came down to facing off against their true enemy? The glutton. In an attempt to put a hault to this madness Jack had decided to go it alone and enter the main heart land of the Rage demons in an attempt to kill their leader, and hope that theirr tribe like attitudes would force the rest to declare him as their new leader. Otherwise. All this did was gain them more land. And revenge for fear and Sloth. But that. That would not be enough. Jonah had gone missing during the fighting and had now reappeared At Jacks sde as he moved in towards the main lands of the rage demons. The land followed up the lake of fire. Quite appropriate considering everything.

However Jack couldn’t help but wonder just where Jonah had been during those last couple of battles. The glint in the purple eyes of the demon made him suspicious. As if he had been doing something off. Like a misbehaving child. He knew that this one was far smarter than his mate. And was someone to keep his eyes on and not turn his back to. Yet. He had his uses. Not worth killing. Not yet anyways.

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Under New Management Part 8 [Land Claim]
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