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 Site Hierarchy

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PostSubject: Site Hierarchy   Fri May 13, 2011 1:58 pm

Manager: Shintre
Admin / Manager / Creator
The big cheese of the site. The manager is responsible for conflict resolution and handling site decisions, approvals, issues, judgments and punishments.
Previous Handles: Shin_Shadow2k, CR3, Ballinjin2k, Setoshin, Shin
Previous Works: Rurouni Kenshin The Sacred Hunters, Wandering Samurai, War of the Lands/Realms, Henshoken (H2H 1)

The Member Liaison Council
The group that is the go between for members and the site. This group help clarify site systems and work as the middle men for RP or battle disputes. In the case of a dispute, they will guide the members through the conflict resolution process based on the site rules escalating uncompromisable issues to the site Admin. They perform the role of NPC Coordinators when needed, approve techniques (see technique thread) and assist with the overall site direction as Advisers. The current council members are below:
Council Co Chair
Council Alignment: Dark
Handle(s): Pennywise, Penny
Previous Work: Door to Darkness, Final Fantasy
Council Head
Council Alignment: Light
Handle(s): Kyrojin, Kyro, Escalation
Previous Work: Air Gear - A New Wave
Council Alignment: Dark
Handle(s): --
Previous Work: --
Psi Prince
Council Alignment: Light
Handle(s): Kaz, Mukhya
Previous Work: Imperial Legacy - Lands of Chaos (ILLC)
NPC Coordinators
NPCC's are in charge of controlling manager approved/assigned characters for members in order to push along various storyline purposes. They are rewarded with an EXP value equal to that which they earn while performing NPC functions. Any member can apply to be an NPC Coorindator after reaching the Intern member level with at least 10 Rep!.
Current NPCCs: aѕceпxion, LittleMariko, Kazakura
Here at DoR, members perform their own character updates. If someone doesn't want to do their own updates, they can 'hire' another member to update their character for them. The updating member will be rewarded with 200 exp per thread update for a character. You cannot be an updater if an updater updates you!
Current Updaters: Soothesayer, Kazakura, Noah
The members are responsible for role-playing, performing updates on their character, and having fun. This includes the vast majority of the site.

- The Big Cheese -

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Site Hierarchy
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