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 Internal Ramblings *

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PostSubject: Internal Ramblings *   Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:10 am

Chapter 'Order'

In a void of nothingness and all that is me, simultaneously, I look out through the tinted windows of various warped realities at the world that the personas to be beneath me exist in.

“This world is wrong.”

Being half Kami I am bothered as there was no direction from a higher power; there was nothing to mandate the order to bring. The world was wrong, broken and would remain in ruins if left like this. The human governments were sprouting, money and greed was spreading, tribal wars were beginning. Humans were flawed to begin with, their purity lost by unknown circumstances. Not as bad as the Oni, still tainted by the evils of the world. It was the duty of the kami to bring order to a lost world, as the internal penchant would dictate. It was natural, an instinct much like fight or flight that existed deep within the stomach of every angel that was birthed into existence by whatever higher power resided over the cosmos.

It was clear to me after living since the time near the Great Dawn. Not once appeared a credible indication of a singular entity that resided over all. Limited by the perception of the body I inhabited my presence grows in the back ground of defensive mechanisms as a much greater persona. The small and frail vessel would have to accommodate great power in order to bring order to this world.

“Order is needed.”

Order was effective, efficient and purposeful. It added a point to this world, a reason for it all. Without it, there was nothing. I knew there had to be others like me, but they were too immersed into the sophistication of the human world. Worldly things had to be put aside and discarded in order to be born righteous and anew. This shouldn’t be done to appease a person or an entity, but should be done to appease the basic concept of Principle of Order.

What was needed for this? Power ruled the world. Strength protected, strength defended, strength persuaded hearts and invoked love. Thus in order to progress the Principle of Order, strength needed to be gained. Over eighteen years, I had allowed the other personas to build strength on their own, but much drastic measures needed to be taken. Time was needed to build upon the foundation that had been laid; I would need time to fully understand the vessel and world I was in. I needed time to understand how to manipulate it to create the power needed to conquer and subjugate all. My will is absolute, meaning that there would be no beginning or end to it; it would be a pillar of the Principle it would be upholding.

Another me approaches me in this void. Light flows with her movements as Jyneil approaches me walking upon liquid nothingness. Standing strong and erect, I look to her and inquire “what brings you here.” My speech is direct and to the point as always. Her thoughts clouded by a mixture of emotions, she looks to the side with a light blush on her face as she shows concern in speaking, “you’re always alone… so I was wondering if you wanted company.” How odd on various levels it would be that a portion of me would fall in love with myself, yet I had no need for such a feeling as that. It was a remnant of human emotion which brought chaos and confusion. I answer, “I am well. I understand you mean well with your concern. How goes your studies of Light Magics?” At first she acts as if I had dismissed her, but on my question, she brightens and looks to me eager to report, “Jyn’Ko and I are becoming stronger. I am able to manifest outside easier that before and we’ve even developed a few offensive spells. I am able to chant through words, though Jyn’Ko melds his magic through hand gestures.” This was good news, as through them I would know the inner workings of magic and absorb all. Though I knew the answer before the question was asked, my interests would coax her to become stronger in magic, thus making me stronger. As things were now, I had little to no reason to physically manifest in this world; I could only do so when it was time to move in with the steps that would lead to forward momentum. With a nod, I would praise her behavior stating, “that you have accomplished thus far is good. I am in you and you in me as we are Jin. I encourage you to continue your understanding of magic.” A smile beams on her face with her hands clasping one another, arms behind her back. Her waist twists a little as she assures me that she would do her best and quickly learn more. I decree, “you are the only one that knows of me. Continue to keep the secret of my existence form the others.” She is quick to assure me, “I haven’t said anything. None of the others know, but it’s hard… because of the bonds we share.” I am kind, “I understand. I can only ask that you do your best. When the time comes, we shall be one under me. You and I will join that day and I will be able to invoke purpose onto the world that the others frequently live in.” With that, I would request, “leave me. Thank you for coming to see me.” My words would be obliged and she would leave. I would then be allowed to begin my meditations to fully understand and accelerate the process of mastering the abilities that all personas were feeding into me.

“I will bring order to this world.”

The decree comes within the middle of the void of nothingness. I return to nothingness, nameless and formless. A concept in the making, a side of Jin that he did not yet know about.


"I am the Solution."
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Internal Ramblings *
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